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Can you name the Harry Potter A-Z?

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Killing CurseA
___ WeasleyB
Torture CurseC
Vernon _____D
____ MacmillianE
Professor Fillius _____F
A group of creatures that live at HogwartsG
_____ PotterH
Control CurseI
Percy ______, a series similar to Harry PotterJ
House elf in the Black HouseK
Luna _____L
_____ MapM
a snakeN
The person who made fun of Moaning Myrtle about her glassesO
The item that Harry must save in the first book/movieP
The DADA Teacher in the first bookQ
A Room you can only enter if you truly need itR
The house Draco Malfoy is inS
Lord Voldemort's real nameT
The DADA Teacher in the fifth bookU
An item that Death Eater's useV
______ LovegoodX
A dance held in the Goblet of FireY
Joke Shop in HogesmadeZ

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