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Origin and Insertion Muscle
O: Pubis I: Medial portion of linea aspira
O: Anterior fibula and IOM I: distal phalanx of 1st digit (hallux)
OL: Ischial tuberosity Os: Linea aspera IL: Lateral head of the fibula Is: Lateral head of the fibula
O: Lateral surface of ilium I: Greater trochanter
O: posterior tibia, posterior proximal fibula, IOM I: navicular bone, cuboid bone, cuneiforms, 2nd through 4th metatarsals
O: Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (ASIS) I: Medial surface of tibia
O: Ischial tuberosity I: Greater trochanter
O: ischial tuberosity I: medial surface of superior tibia
O: Inferior pubic ramus and ramus of ischium and ischial tuberosity I: gluteal tuberosity and linea aspira and adductor tubercle of femur
O: AIIS, superior acetabular groove I: Tibial Tuberosity
O: Ischial tuberosity I: Intertrochanteric crest (quadrate tubercle)
O: Vertebra of T12-L5 & transverse processes of L1-L5 I: Lesser Tubercle
O: Head of fibula, posterior proximal fibula, soleal line I: calcaneus
O: Pubis I: Linea Aspira and Pectineal line
O: distal posterior fibula, inferior IOM I: distal phalanx of 1st digit
O: Distal lateral fibula I: tuberosity on base of 5th metatarsal
O: Obturator membrane, margins of obturator foramen I: Greater trochanter
O: Lateral condyle, proximal lateral tibia, IOM I: 1st metatarsal and medial cuneiform (medial plantar surface)
Origin and Insertion Muscle
O: Pubis and inferior ramus I: Medial Surface of tibia
O: Lateral surface of ilium I: Greater trochanter
O: Medial lip of linea aspira and intertrochanter line I: Tibial Tuberosity
O: Lateral Lip of Linea Aspira, Greater tubercle I: Tibial Tuberosity
O: Body of Femur I: Tibial Tuberosity
O: lateral condyle of femur, lateral meniscus I: posterior tibia
O: Popliteal surface of femur I: calcaneal tendon
O: medial posterior tibia I: distal phalanges of lateral four toes
O: Lateral tibial condyle and proximal IOM I: middle and distal phalanges of digits 2-5
O: Head of fibula, proximal lateral fibula I: 1st metatarsal (plantar base), medial cuneiform
O: Distal anterior fibula, IOM I: Base of 5th metatarsal
O: Ischial spine I: Greater troch
O: Lateral condyle of femur, medial condyle of femur I: calcaneus
O: superior posterior ilium, dorsal sacrum and coccyx, sacrotuberous ligament I: Iliotibial tract, gluteal tuberosity
O: Anterior sacrum, sacrotuberous ligament I: Greater trochanter
O: External lip of ASIS I: Iliotibial tract, tribial medial condyle
O: Ischial tuberosity I: Medial tibial condyle
O: Pecten Pubis I: Pectineal Line of the Femur

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