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Can you name the Answers to the Difficult Pokemon Trivia (Excluding Generation V)?

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Which Pokemon is attached to Slowbro's tail in a sort of symbiotic relationship?
Which Pokemon's species name is the 'Legendary Pokemon'?
What is the only Generation III Pokemon who's name begins with an 'I'?
What is the only legendary Pokemon that Ash has never encountered in the movies or anime?
Which Pokemon was the first to have its own unique, in-game battle music?
What is the only legendary that can be either male or female?
Name one of the two Pokemon that can't be found at any in-game location.
What is the only Pokemon that Ash and Misty both owned?
Lairon weighs exactly the same (264.6 lbs.) as what other Pokemon?
Which Pokemon is given to you by a non-player character in each of the first four generations?
Trivia QuestionAnswer
Name one of the two Pokemon tied for the lowest speed base stat.
What two types of Pokemon cannot be poisoned?
What is the only two-type Pokemon that has a weakness to both of its own types?
(Number of legendary Pokemon introduced in Johto)+(The Number of Eeveelutions)-(The number of games set in the Hoenn region)=?
What are the two lightest(weight) Pokemon?
What is the only starter to start with two types?
What is the only type to never have been paired with Flying?
What was the first trademark received for the Pokemon series?
Name one of the two Pokemon with no weaknesses.
Which Pokemon was Ash originally supposed to start with, before it was replaced with Pikachu?

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