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Can you name the Aliases Used by Homer Simpson?

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Simple SimpsonHomer becomes a vigilante to fight tyranny in Springfield.
Homer to the MaxA once cool character on TV with the same name as Homer is turned into a bumbling idiot, and Homer is mocked because of it.
Homer vs. the Eighteenth AmendmentHomer fights prohibition in Springfield by delivering alcohol to Moe's.
The Computer Wore Menace ShoesHomer buys a computer and spreads rumors, gossip, and conspiracy theories, which eventually get him into trouble.
(Alias)Homer opens a business that helps clear snow. Creates a catchy jingle in the process.
The Way We Weren'tA young Homer gives a young Marge a fake name so that her friends will not make fun of his real name.
See Homer RunHomer becomes an advocate for safety in an attempt to make amends with Lisa.
The Last Temptation of HomerHomer tries to ask Moe for advice without using his real name.
Rome-old and Juli-ehHomer and Patty attempt to break up Selma and Abe.
Large MargeHomer creates a graffiti nickname similar to Bart's.

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