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QUIZ: Can you name the Batman Villains?

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DescriptionVillainFirst Appearance
Psychotic Clown Themed CriminalBatman #1 (Spring 1940)
Feminine, Feline Jewel ThiefBatman #1 (Spring 1940)
Fear Obsessed Bird TerrifierWorld's Finest Comics #3 (Fall 1941)
Reptilian Sewer DwellerDetective Comics #523 (February 1943)
Ornithologically Inclined Mob BossDetective Comics #58 (December 1941)
Plant Controlling MadamBatman #181 (June 1966)
Super Strong Venom TakerBatman: Vengeance of (villain) (January 1993)
Sub-Zero Crusader For NoraBatman #121 (February 1959)
Shape Changing Mud PersonDetective Comics #40 (June 1940)
Competitive Puzzle FiendDetective Comics #140 (October 1948)
DescriptionVillainFirst Appearance
Double-Sided District AttorneyDetective Comics #66 (August 1942)
Bug Is Batman's OppositeBatman #63 (February 1951)
Sidekick Circus PerformerBatman: The Animated Series 'Joker's Favor' (September 11, 1992)
Man Responsible For BatmanDetective Comics #33 (November 1939)
Carroll Inspired Headpiece LoverBatman #49 (October/November 1948)
The Demon's HeadBatman #232 (June 1971)
One Personality Is PuppetDetective Comics #583 (February 1988)
Insect Named PyromaniacDetective Comics #184 (June 1952)
Bandaged World-Class SurgeonBatman #609 (November 2002)
Arkham City Head PsychologistDetective Comics #36 (February 1940)
DescriptionVillainFirst Appearance
Doctor Becomes Flying MammalDetective Comics #400 (June 1970)
Mark Making Serial KillerBatman: The Last Arkham #1 (June 1992)
Light Absence Face CovererBatman #386 (August 1985)
Night Club Owning OlympianDetective Comics #483 (May 1979)
Carroll Inspired Identical CousinsDetective Comics #74 (April 1943)
Chaos Inducing Young AdultDetective Comics #608 (November 1989)
Brags 'Never Missed Shot'Batman #59 (June/July 1950)
Plans Crimes Around HolidaysDetective Comics #259 (September 1958)
Uses Rodents For CrimesDetective Comics #585 (April 1988)
Man Responsible For RobinDetective Comics #38 (April 1940)

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