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first lineSong
Industrialization has crippled the globe
Mag, how did you get in here?
Dad be still, there is nothing you need say.
Dear Marni, I am so sorry, can you forgive me for this?
Years, it's been so many years, resenting the years, and my heredity.
Everybody, everybody, get down, get down. NOW!
Where did our daughter go?
It's a thankless job, but somebody's got to do it.
Drug market, sub market. Sometimes I wonder why I ever got in.
Your mother's death tore me to accept, that nothing ever lasts in this world
first lineSong
Where the **** is dad brothers?
I'm Infected
I've never been so surgicaly maimed!
Lungs and livers and bladders and hearts
Come back. Keep it down Shi.
Shilo, is your name Shilo?
Didn't I tell you not to go out? Didn't I?
Kid, is that you?
Seventeen, momma drama's got to go dad.
Flesh is weak. Blood is cheap.

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