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Can you name the World War Two aircraft?

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Used by US Navy to spot for naval guns during Normandy invasion
Had a 26-1 kill ratio with the Finnish Air Force
Made the first Allied bombing raid on Berlin
Used by the French AF’s GC I/7, based at Phnom Penh, in late 1945
Highest scoring Fleet Air Arm fighter type, by total number of enemy aircraft shot down
Axis fighter that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Seversky P-35
Single-seat fighter in front-line service from April 1943 to the end of the war without shooting down a single enemy aircraft
First jet fighter to enter regular squadron service
Floatplane that saw operational use with Dutch Air Force, RAF, and Luftwaffe
Fighter that saw first use during the Doolittle raid
Scored both the first air-to-air kill, and first submarine kill, for the Royal New Zealand Air Force during WW2
Type of plane that Charles Lindbergh shot down while serving as an advisor to the USAAF 475th FG
Aircraft that participated in the first tests of airborne radar, a few of this type soldiered on as target tugs until 1941
US-built fighter was never flown by the USAAF, but about two dozen of them were used by the air force that made up a quarter of all the Allied planes in the early Pacific war
Sunk the only submarine destroyed by a US Coast Guard plane during WW2
Known as the 'Varnished Guaranteed Coffin'
Biplane scored a kill as late as September 1944, over a Hungarian Ju 52
Only aircraft to serve with the RAF in both WW1 and WW2
Fighter used by both sides during the German invasion of Yugoslavia in 1941
Twin-engined bomber that had been out of production for about two years when it was re-engined with diesel engines and put back into production in late 1943

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