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A show about...Title of Musical
Puppet neighbors learning about living as grown-ups
The relationship between a brother and sister across two eras
College students spending a terrifying weekend in an abandoned cabin (based on a film)
Gordon Schwinn, the failed composer, struggling with a brain brain aneurysm
The Charles Schultz's comic strip about a perpetual loser and his friends
two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical...
two Catholic school boys discovering their sexuality and the troubles their relationship brings
An East German transgender rock star
An entrepreneurial high school cheerleader, based on the famous adult film of the same name
A relationship, told forward and backwards from first meeting to divorce, intersecting at the marriage proposal
A magical teen in a world where gay is the majority and being straight is taboo
The death of the titular character, who is stuck in a cave he was exploring
All the hit Broadway shows...their faults and funnies
The life of composer who is struggling to write, love, and find his place as his 30th birthday approaches
A show about...Title of Musical
A boy born in a cave many miles to the south with fangs in his mouth
A girl born to entertain with dramatic stage mother in a send-up of female Broadway characters like Mame and Gypsy Rose. Ends in a bloodbath
a revue tribute to 'guy groups', told by the re-encarnated victims of a tragic collision of buses on the way to the Ed Sullivan Show.
a town where it's a privilege to pee
a man struggling to paint a pointalist masterpiece and his lover's great-grandson struggling with his own art
changes in life...a song cycle that showcases a fearless girl, a king of the world, and Betsy Ross
a young Black musician rebelling against his middle-class LA family and going to Amsterdam where he pretends he comes from poverty to get ahead, passing from place to place.
a musical revue of Sondheim songs, the title taken from the show in Question #19 of this quiz
a very crazy night in New York City, based off a Joseph Moncure March poem of the same name
a Catholic boy band
rhythm! Musical using buckets, brooms, and anything else that can make a beat!
exactly what the title says...boys in the buff
a group of elementry school students participating in a competition about words

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