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'Here's a chair to sit in... And for those who like to rock, a rocking chair.'1958-1985
Richard produces hit TV shows like 'Beaver Creek.'1998-2003
Cover your head if you say 'I don't know' or 'water.'1979-1990
Brent works at a gas station in rural Saskatchewan.2004-2009
Sara lives with the King family on Prince Edward Island.1990-1996
Pubescent students deal with sensitive issues like drug use, suicide, and racism.1987-1989
A home contractor tries to 'make it right.'2001-2008
A dentist and chiropodist live in Britain with their two dogs.1998-2001
When not opening the Tickle Trunk, the host visits his friends, Casey and Finnigan.1967-1996
Perky morning show hosts get your day started.1972-
Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles scheme to get rich and stay out of jail.2001-2008
Peter delivers the day's news at 10:00 (except during NHL playoffs).1952-
Contestants sing for Sass Jordan and Farley Flex.2003-2008
Newfoundlanders satire current events in a sketch comedy.1987-1992
Indira, along with her friends, Marlon and Abi, tries to impress her junior high classmates.2009-
A group of investment bankers work at a Bay Street firm.1995-2000
The longest-running series in Canada.1952-
Teens review popular products, deeming failures 'fit for the pit.'1989-2006
Bob fights off Megabyte to guard the mainframe.1994-2001
Members of NISA attempt to stop spies.2011-
The Strategic Response Unit resolves high-drama situations.2008-
HintTV ShowOn Air
'He was just here? I missed him again!'1971-1993
The host (and 'His Islanders') feature a different musical guest each week.1957-1973
A group of lawyers represent their clients in a Toronto courtroom.1987-1994
Panelists ask questions to discover a guest's identity.1957-1995
Inhabitants of a fur trading post balance British, French, and Native loyalties.2001-2002
A woman travels back in time during visits to her therapist.2009-2011
A TV addict refuses to leave his apartment.1998-2000
Amanda and Busy work through the challenges of junior high and high school.1993-1997
Amy and Lou keep their mother's memory alive by tending to injured horses.2007-
Hopeful entrepreneurs try to secure funding for their businesses.2006-
A TV station produces low-budget filler programming.1976-1984
'I'm a man, and I can change if I have to. I guess.'1991-2006
A mannequin comes to life in a Simpson's department store.1982-1987
Two best friends challenge each other in ridiculous competitions.2003-2010
A German shepherd roams from town to town, helping those in need.1963-1965; 1979-1985
John, Don, Luba, and Roger satire the week's news.1993-2008
A convenience store operator solves his friends' problems.1975-1980
An RCMP officer is dispatched to work in Chicago.1994-1999
Guests sit in the red chair to be interviewed.2005-
A New York City agent manages the Hamilton Steelheads.1998-2000
Residents of Lynx River deal with Native and rural Canadian issues.1992-1997

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