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QUIZ: Can you name the The Presidents according to Jonathan Coulton?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionPresident (surname)
Came first and he was perfect
Kept us out of war with France
Made a Louisiana Purchase
Kicked the British in the pants
Told Europe they could suck it
Looked just like his Dad
Got rid of all the indians
Served one term but he wasn’t bad
Died early
Annexed Texas from Mexico
Fought Mexico to keep it
Was a Mexican War hero
Gave a boat to Commodore Perry
Repealed the Missouri Compromise
Saw the Civil War’s beginnings
Saved the Union, then he died
Just survived impeachment
Enjoyed a drink or two
Ended reconstruction
Was asssassinated in 1882 [note: this is wrong]
Suspended Chinese immigration
Made the railroad people squirm
DescriptionPresident (surname)
Signed the Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Served another term
Kept the Spanish out of Cuba
Was handy with a gun
Was big and fat and had a mustache
Kicked some ass in World War I
Said lets laissez faire with business
Made the roaring 20’s roar
Screwed the pooch in the Great Depressio
Beat the Nazis in a war
Dropped the bomb on Hiroshima
Kept the commies well in hand
Was killed by a magic bullet
Murdered kids in Vietnam
Was a sweating filthy liar
Gave (previous President) pardon for his crimes
Lusted in his heart for peanuts
Won the Cold War and lost his mind
Poked at Sadam Hussein
Gave an intern a cigar
A work in progress

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