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A - alphabet (Which one)74 letters
B - beak (What species of bird)Up to 18.5 inches
C - cat (What species)48 inches
D - definition (What word)6,672 words
E - erupting volcano (Which one)About 7th century B.C. to the present
F - flower (What species)Over 12 feet
G - gondola (What city & state)3.1 miles
H - hiccup fit (How long - years)Held by Charles Osborne
I - insect (What species)22 inches
J - Jeopardy win streak (How many wins)Held by Ken Jennings
K - ketchup bottle (How tall - feet)On Route 159 in Illinois
L - last name (What is it)21 letters
M - movie (What is it)27 hours
N - NFL losing streak (Which team)26 games
O - Olympic torch relay (What year)129 days
P - play (Which one)22 hours
Q - Quidditch match (How long)(none)
R - road (How long - miles)Pan-American Highway
S - song by the Beatles (Which one)8 minutes 15 seconds
T - tennis match (What year)6 hours 35 minutes
U - URL (How many characters)(none)
V - (none - type 'none')(none)
W - war (Which one)116 years
X - xylophone (How long - feet)(none)
Y - YouTube video (Posted by)4 hours 39 minutes 38 seconds
Z - zucchini (Found in what city & state)6 feet 4 inches

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