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Can you name the kings and queens of England/Britain by their description in the New Oxford American Dictionary?

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During his minority the government was dominated by his uncle John of Gaunt. Following his minority, he executed or banished most of his former opponents. His confiscation of his u
The first British sovereign of the house of Hanover, he was unpopular in England because of his German manners and his inability to speak English.
He invaded England and defeated Harold II at the Battle of Hastings (1066). He introduced Norman institutions and customs (including feudalism) and instigated the Domesday Book.
He exercised restrained but important influence over British politics and played a significant role in the formation of the government in 1931. During World War I he changed the na
In 1314, he was defeated by Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn. In 1326, his wife, Isabella of France, and her lover, Roger de Mortimer, invaded England; he was deposed in favor of hi
His reign was dominated by the deepening religious and constitutional crisis that resulted in the English Civil War 1642–49. After the battle of Naseby, he tried to regain power
He lost most of his French possessions to Phillip II of France. In 1209, he was excommunicated for refusing to accept Stephen Langton as the archbishop of Canterbury. Forced to sig
He seized the throne from Matilda a few months after the death of Henry I. Civil war followed until Matilda was defeated and forced to leave England in 1148.
Having been invited to replace her Catholic father on the throne after his deposition in 1689, she insisted that her husband, William of Orange, be crowned along with her.
He defeated Richard III at Bosworth Field and eventually established an unchallenged Tudor dynasty.
In 1330, he took control of his kingdom, banishing Isabella and executing Mortimer. He supported Edward de Baliol, the pretender to the Scottish throne, and started the Hundred Yea
He was restored to the throne after the collapse of Oliver Cromwell's regime. Although he displayed considerable adroitness in handling the difficult constitutional situation, reli
He overthrew Richard II, establishing the Lancastrian dynasty.
He became king after defeating the Lancastrian Henry VI. He was briefly forced into exile 1470–01 by the Earl of Warwick but regained his position with victory at Tewkesbury in 1
He had six wives (Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Katherine Parr) and three children (Mary I, with Catherine of Aragon; Elizabeth
Having served in the Royal Navy, he came to the throne after the death of his brother George IV.
Succeeding her Catholic sister Mary I, she reestablished Protestantism as the state religion. Her reign was dominated by the threat of a Catholic restoration and by war with Spain,
In an attempt to reverse the country's turn toward Protestantism, she instigated the series of religious persecutions by which she earned her nickname.
He was the son of Mary Stuart and the father of Charles I. A major accomplishment during his reign was the translation of the King [-----] Bible (1611).
He crushed rebellions in 1088 and 1095 and also campaigned against his brother Robert, Duke of Normandy (1089–96), ultimately acquiring the duchy.
He served as Protector to his nephew Edward V, who, after two months, was declared illegitimate and subsequently disappeared. His brief rule ended at Bosworth Field, where he was d
He and his brother Richard, known as the Princes in the Tower, were probably murdered and the throne was taken by their uncle, Richard III.
He abdicated 11 months after coming to the throne in order to marry U.S. divorcee, Mrs. Wallis Simpson. He was given the title the duke of Windsor by George VI.
His campaign against Prince Llewelyn ended with the annexation of Wales in 1284, but he failed to conquer Scotland.
He led the Third Crusade, defeating Saladin at Arsuf (1191), but failed to capture Jerusalem. Returning home, he was held hostage by the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI until being rel
The last of the Stuart monarchs and daughter of the Catholic James II (but herself a Protestant), she succeeded her brother-in-law William III to the throne.
The son of Charles I, he escaped to the Continent in 1648 and returned to England at the Restoration in 1660. He became king on the death of his brother Charles II in 1685, but his
She married Prince Philip in 1947; they have four children: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.
She took an active interest in the policies of her ministers, but largely retired from public life after Prince Albert's death in 1861. Her reign was the longest in British history
In 1688, he deposed James II at the invitation of disaffected politicians and was crowned along with his wife Mary.
He reigned during the time of the American Revolution and the War of 1812. His political influence declined from 1788 after bouts of mental illness.
The first Plantagenet king, he restored order and extended his kingdom.
Known as a patron of the arts and bon viveur, he had a bad reputation that was further damaged by his attempt to divorce his estranged wife Caroline of Brunswick just after coming
He renewed the Hundred Years War soon after coming to the throne and defeated the French at Agincourt in 1415.

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