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Only country in the world beginning with 'O'?
Least visited country in the world?
Mountain range forming the natural boundary between Europe and Asia?
Longest one-word country name?
City where pizza supposedly originated?
Northernmost settlement in the world with a permanent civilian population?
Historical region of Croatia in which Split and Dubrovnik are found?
Most populated city in the Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)?
Overseas territory ('special collectivity') of France located 750miles east of Australia?
2011 winners and 2012 hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest?
Country whose flag is the only one in the world not to be rectangular in shape?
Longest river in metropolitan France?
Country whose largest city is Guayaquil?
State capital of North Carolina?
Country with highest murder rate in the world?
'CH' numberplate registered to which country?
Country bordered by Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia?
Austrian city which hosted 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics?
780 mile long peninsula in Russia's Far East?
River, also known as the Adonis, which flows through Lebanon?
Country where the world's largest wine cellar network is?
Driest (non-polar) desert in the world?
Fifth largest city in Australia?
Second smallest (area) of the Great Lakes?
Ice cap in Iceland, covering a volcano which erupted in 2010?

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