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Can you name the brand-name food products introduced first?

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Famous Brand FoodWhich came first?Famous Brand Food
Sweet'N LowEqual (sweetener)
Heinz ketchup(McIlhenny) Tabasco sauce
Cap'n CrunchCocoa Puffs
Canada Dry ginger aleV8 vegetable juice
Eskimo PiePopsicle
Tootsie PopDubble Bubble gum
Nestlé QuikGatorade
Coca ColaDr. Pepper
A1 Steak SauceHP Sauce
Juicy FruitTootsie Roll
SPAMBall Park Franks
Pop TartsEggo waffles
Life SaversCracker Jack
Miracle WhipHellman's Mayonnaise
CheeriosRice Krispies
Alka-SeltzerPepto Bismol
Sunny DelightSnapple
Maxwell House instant coffeeNescafé instant coffee
Kraft SinglesCheese Whiz
Jiffy Pop popcornSwanson TV dinner
Rice-A-RoniUncle Ben's rice
Mars barSnickers
TwinkiesDing Dongs

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