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Can you name the facts about the 1986 World's Fair, Expo '86?

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Location (city)
Expo '86 theme
Expo '86 sub-theme
Prior to the above year, Expo '86 was known as...
Year the fair was awarded to the city
International organization that oversees world's fairs
Only other city in host country to previously host a world's fair
Location of world's fair (1985) that preceded Expo '86
Location of world's fair (1988) that followed Expo '86
Opening day (Month day, year)
Closing day (Month day, year)
1 of 2 foreign dignitaries who opened the fair
The other foreign dignitary who opened the fair
Host country Prime Minister who opened the fair
Number of participating countries with pavilions
Name of the site where the fair was built/held
President/CEO of the local nonprofit agency responsible for planning & operating the fair
Chief architect
Official mascot
Official theme song
Total attendance (to nearest million)
Revenue ($M)
Deficit ($M)
Place where opening ceremonies were held
Pavilion which showed the Oscar-nominated short film 'Rainbow War'
Pavilion which had the popular 'Spirit Lodge' exhibit
This major pavilion was not located on the main fair site
The outdoor exhibit/plaza which featured a 217m long sculpture of a highway containing various modes of transportation
The UFO-inspired children's waterpark/plaza
The fair grounds were divided into a number of coloured zones - how many?
The Great Hall of Ramses II was in this coloured zone
The Roundhouse was in this coloured zone
The U.S.S.R. pavilion was in this coloured zone
The Million Dollar Coin was in this coloured zone
The Looping Starship was in this coloured zone
The Expo Centre was in this coloured zone
The two corporate pavilions connected by one of two Gondola Skyrides
The two coloured zones spanned by the other Gondola Skyride
The only transporation system to touch all Expo '86 zones?
Rapid transit system originally built to serve the fair
The Expo Centre pavilion is now known as... ?
This fast food company had a floating restaurant at Expo 86
Unofficial nickname of above floating restaurant
Official name of the above floating restaurant
Name of the roller coaster
The on-site pub which was owned, operated and performed in by The Irish Rovers
The development company that purchased the site land in 1988
Primary shareholder of above development company

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