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Can you name the facts about NASA's Apollo 14 mission?

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Command Module Pilot
Lunar Module Pilot
Launch date (Month day, year)
Command Module nickname
Lunar Module nickname
Moon landing site
Apollo 14 landing site was originally the target site for which mission?
Splashdown date (Month day, year)
Name of recovery ship
Commander's first spaceflight mission
Reason why Commander was grounded from active spaceflight duty from 1964-1968
During a lunar EVA, the Commander hit two of these
Command Module Pilot's previous spaceflight mission
Lunar Module Pilot's first spaceflight mission
Number of lunar EVAs
The astronauts traversed up the side of this crater during a lunar EVA
Total duration of lunar EVAs (to nearest hour)
Total time on lunar surface (to nearest hour)
Apollo 14 was the only mission to carry a 'MET' to the moon. What was it?
Amount of lunar material gathered and returned to Earth
Upon return to Earth, the Apollo 14 astronauts were the last astronauts to be ....
Hundreds of these were taken into Moon orbit and then returned to Earth by the CM pilot
Current location where Command Module is on display

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