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Can you name the facts about NASA's Apollo 12 mission?

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Command Module Pilot
Lunar Module Pilot
Command Module Nickname
Lunar Module Nickname
Launch Date (month day, year)
What happened 36 seconds after launch, and again 52 seconds after launch?
Commander's previous mission, prior to Apollo 12
Commander's first spaceflight mission
Commander's final spaceflight mission, after Apollo 12
Moon landing site
Moon landing date (month day, year)
Nickname given by Commander to the landing site
During first EVA, the color TV camera was accidentally destroyed by...
Number of surface EVAs performed while on the moon
Total duration of surface EVAs (rounded to nearest hour is OK)
Name of unmanned landing probe the astronauts visited during EVA on the moon
Landing date of above-mentioned probe
Item astronauts removed from probe and returned to earth
Acronym for experiment package left on the moon
Full name of above experiment package
Power source for above-mentioned experiments package
Number of orbits of the moon
Amount of lunar material gathered and returned to Earth (in pounds)
Splashdown date (month day, year)
Nearest island to splashdown site
Name of recovery ship
Crew mission insignia features this object arriving at the moon
Plaque left on the LM was unique compared to all other LMs because it lacked a...
Current location where Command Module is on display

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