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She is a teenager who got pregnant
He got a girl pregnant at band camp
She is currently divorced to her husband and has a son with either him or another man
She started 'Just say me'
He has a special friend in italy
She lives is a garage room that her father built
She has two kids and is currently dating a younger man
He is the baby of a teenager
He owns a furniture shop
She broke a window when she found out her BF was cheating
He took the virginity of a christian girl
He was killed
He was adopted
She is very good with statistics
Her father is a psychiatrist
She dated her best friends brother and is now messing aorund with the football player
He is the sausage King
He is bestfriends to the sausage kings son
He is gay and a best friend to a girl
She is engaged to the sausage king
He was out of his daughters life for a very long time
She is a grandmother and had all timers

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