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Need an architect? / 'Cause I can’t quite figure if / the top will topple
He was cleaning up / Now a genius needing help / How ‘bout them apples?
Terrorist tower / I just want to see my wife / Where are my shoes at?
This is not madness / Just outnumbered by a lot / Yum! Good food in hell?
Ew is that napalm? / Smells like the Vietnam War / I guess surf is up
Saving Gotham / Just ain’t what it used to be / Why so serious?
Skipping school is cool / A trip to Chicago rocks! / Goodbye Ferrari
Looking for a dad / Much warmer than the North Pole / Oh I love syrup!
All these tattoos here / help me find who killed my wife / What did I just say?
Put a smile on! / I play ping pong and love shrimp / Jenny says to run
Grandpa talks to kid / 'I'm Inigo Montoya' / Not the death, the pain
Giving organs out / To strangers and a cute girl / Romantic or weird?
How to save a town / When you are completely blind? / I'd ask Ben Affleck
He lost his own son / And must cross the ocean wide / To find a dentist
Got plenty money / Longfellow is in New York / But ends up finding love
R.P. McMurphy / In a crazy persons place / Might be the most sane
Really good looking / Male models must join forces / 'They're break dance fighting'
'That's another week' / Guess the gang will meet again / They're nothing alike!
What happened last night? / Tigers and Tysons and 'I / lost a tooth' oh my!
An epic love tale / But, Jack, we all know the end / The ship's gonna sink.

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