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when a female is receptive she will ____
(list 3 )When a female is not receptive, she will _____
name two ways we check our animals for receptivity
Black fleece is_____
Cannot pass the ultrasound through it due to air or a poor contact medium causes this.
any follicle over _____mm is considered abnormal
means inside of the uterus
what should you do if you draw blood when trimming alpaca feet? put _______ on it.
3 noises that thealpacas make
'more white'
Which horn are pregnancies most commonly established?
the most common mode used in ultrasound is ___ mode
male alpacas are ______ ejaculators
One difference between in tact males and females
at what field are parasite eggs visible on a microscope
camelids have a ___ chaped uterus, similar to the _____
fetus is completely haired at __ months
what is the hormone of pregnancy and where is it produced?
'Less white and more black'
fluid filled spaces
Vitamin D defciency
what are the two types of probes
what are two types of cysts
moving animals to new places causes ____
alpacas primary food source consists of ____
fertilization occurs in the _____
normal birth
What is the name of a baby alpaca?
4-5 alpacas per __ acres of land is recommended
what are consdiered to be old animals in camelids
avg, cria weight is ___ lbs
___ prolong sperm life
inducded ovulator means that the animal ovulates due to the penetration of the _______
Name another difference.
gestation length of an alpaca
how are alpacas BCS
> 40 days the baby is coined the term
In addition to the repro tract and digestive system, name three other anatomic structures that can be seen during a transrectal ultra sound.
what stops a pregnancy
t/f small black areas in the testicles in an ultrasound are a bad thing.
what is on effect of estrogen, aside from receptivity
where is the hormone of receptivity produced? and what is the hormone
t/f the uterus is free floating
camelids cannot support twins like other animals because they have no _____
what is the name of the jaw
what color does a CL appear on an ultrasound?
camelids are ______ breathers
male alpacas ____ while breeding
abnormal birth
< 40 days the baby is coined the term
storage of the sperm for the testes

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