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Artist line from song
Young Droboing yoing yoing yoing
Lil Wayne Ft DrakePut your 2 cents in, and get a dollar back
PliesGive me that
Jay-Z Knicks and Nets give me high fives
will.i.am Ft Nikki MinajYou just got to see with your eyes
Jim Jones Ballin'
LudacrisYou know i got if you wanna come get it
Kanye West How could you be so
Chamillionaire Ft Krayzie BoneThey see me rollin
Puff DaddyWish i can turn back the hands of time
R KellyMy minds telling me no...
Rick RossOne nation, under god
T.I. I know all about that
T-Pain Ft AkonShe made us drinks
Trey Songz Ft FabolousWe don't buy no drinks at the bar
Troop 41 Flex to the left, throw some money out ya hands
Tyga Ft Chris RichardsonAnd i would do anything just to see her face
Waka Flaka Flame Ft Wale and Roscoe DashYou out your mind, you out your league
Wiz KhalifiaNo key, push to start.
Yo Gotti Ft Lil WayeNumbers don't lie
Young Jeezy Ft T.I I wake up and feel empty
Young MoneyGirl i gotta watch my back, cause im not just anybody
50 CentSo come give me a hug
Ace Hood Ft Chris BrownThen she replied that im a beast
Akon, Lil Wayne, Young JeezyNumber one hustler gettin' money
B.O.B. Ft T.I. & Playboy TreYou can sh*t, but i really dont care
Birdman Ft Lil Wayne & Kevin RudolfMy Fruits of labor, I want them ripe
Bone Thugs N Harmony Can somebody, anybody tell me why we die we die.
ChamillionaireMy garage got Jagures, my garage look like a zoo
Chris Brown Ft T-Painher mind she fantisize bout get it with me.
Commonit don't take a whole day to reconigise sun shine
Diddy Dirty Money Ft T.I.with some five star freaks getting high all week
Dr. Dre Ft Eminemwho you think brought you ROD's Eazy E's Ice Cubes and Snoop D O dubble G's
DrakeThey bring dinner to my room and ask me to inishal
E-40 Ft T-PainCause im a baller, cant no body hustle harder than me
Eminem If you had one shot, or one oppertunity..
Fabolous Ft T-PainIm better than your ex, better than your next.
Gorilla Zoe and my chevy sits on 24's
Artist line from song
Ice Cubeif that don't work we'll put you in the dirt
J Coleso don't worry bout my mother f*cking name
Jay-Z & Kanye West I invented Swag. poppin bottle puttin super models in the cab.
Jay-Z My lambo is blue
Kanye West Ft Jay-Z Nikki MinajQuestion? what do thise things all have in common
Kid CudiA silent sleeper you wont hear a peep peep
Lil Wayne Ft Rick Rossand Ak47 is my F*ckin adress
Lil Troy20 inch blades on the Impauler
Lloyd Banks Im fresh im fly im so damn high
Lupe Fiasco Ft Trey Songz Girl I want I want you to know, i cant get....
NasAll i need is one mic, one beat, one stage, one n*gger front my face on the front page
T-PainLeft cheek, right cheek
Young Dro Ft T.ILet me see you bonce right to left
Drake & Lil WayneYou know you at the top when only Heavens _____ _____ ___
Dj Khaled Ft T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick RossI never went no where, but they saying Luda's back
Lil WayneHad alot of crooks Tryin to steal your heart
Jamie Fox Ft T-PainWe can see where we'll be if you press fast forward.
Akon Ft Snoop Doggand besides i got a thing for you
DmxStop, drop, shut 'em down open up shop Oh, no
Bone Thugs N Harmony Ft AkonAlways be a victom of thies streets, it ain't my fault cause i..
Ace HoodAnother Day, Another Dollar.
Wiz Khalifia With one hand and ___ ____
Usher Ft Young Jeezy All you got to do is tell me what your sippin' pn
Dj Khaled Lil Wayne Drake & Rick RossI ain't work this hars sence i was 18
LudacrisYou know i got it of you wanna come get it
Jay-Z & Kanye West Ft Mr. HudsonerI try to teach n*ggers how to be kings whwn all the wanted to be was soldiers
Lil WayneA million here, a million there
Teche N9neCome agaisnt me thats a no no
2Pac & Dr. Dre A state where you'll never find a dance flor empty
Usher Ft Pitbullside to side, side side side to side.
2Pac & TalentThats just the way it is..
LudacrisPractice in front of that mirrior now you do it on the dance floor
Lil WayneCause life is a movie that ive seen to many times
Eminem ft Kobe So why in the world do i feel so alone, noody but me, im on my own
DorroughAre the rims big, do it right cuz
Eminem Ft Nate Doggleft left right left.
Chris BrownJust me you and the dance floor
Young Jeezy Ft Kanye WestBlowing on asparagus,
T.I., Kanye West, Jay-z, Lil WanyeCan't wear skinny jeans cause my knotts dont fit
Artist line from song
Young Jeezy Ft PliesMy Goons got Goons
Bad Meets EvilOnly got a gallon in this gas tank
Jay-Z Ft Rhianna & Kanye WestWe are yea i said we are
Flo Rida Ft T-Painlet me talk to em
Lil Wayne Ft T-PainShe wanna F*ck Weezy, She wanna rape Wayne
Dmx Its what you hearin.. LISTEN
Fat Joe Ft Lil Wayne...Better grab an embrella
Dj Khaled, Ft Akon, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Trick Dadddy, Ace Hood, PliesGuess who, Guess what?
Chris Brown Ft Lil WayneNo i cant dance, but i can dance on ya
B.O.B. Ft Lil WaynePyrue, Gangsters, Outlaws!
Eminem Ft Lil WayneIts a little to late to say your sorry now,
Jay-Z Ft Mr. HudsonJust a picture perfect day can last a whole lifetime
NasPut your hand in the air and take the vowel
Kanye West F snl and there whole cast
Nas Ft Puff Daddy...But i wont stop now, and you ___ ___ ___, cause i cant stop now
Lil Wayne Ft EminemBlood in my eyes, Hate in my heart
J-Kwon Teen drinkin is very bad.. yo i got a fake id tho
Dmx Yall gone me lose my mind.
Common Ft NasThe type that big said he would die for, thet type id rather stay alive for
Young Money & Gucci ManeI got ten bathrooms
EminemI shoot for the moon
Kanye WestIn couple months you gon see, You'll never find nodoby better than me
Jamie Fox FT T.I. & Justin TimberlakeI feel like i cant miss, i know they want me to fall.
T.I. Ft Justin TimberlakeNevermind that now, you just lucky to be alive
Kanye WestYou know what the Midwest is?
MimsAnd when i hit the showwwer, people say im fly, the love the way i dress
Dj Khaled, Ft Akon, T.I., Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Birdman, Lil WayneIf you want to, We can supliy you, got a nuff work to feed the whole town
Jay-Z & Kanye West So many watches i need 8 arms
Gorilla ZoeMy Ex girl friend called and said she was over me
Drake Ft Lil WayneWorld Series Attitude, nothing ever changes so today is just like tomorrow night
Kanye West Ft Jamie Foxx 18 years found out it wasnt hers
Flo Rida Ft will.i.am. Oh hot damn, this is my jam
Cali Swag District Errr Body love, Errr body love
Usher Ft Lil John and LudacrisConversation got Heavy
Tinie Tempah Ft Wiz Khlifa I shook hands with royality
T.I Ft Big K.R.I.TMy Diamonds Clearer than HD
LupeFiascoWell your name aint on a guest list who brung you?

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