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____ disease: Autoantibodies bound to TSH receptors on the cell membranes that cause mitogenesis of thyroid epithelial cells. There is strong association with HLA-B8 and HLA-D.
Do not aspirate _______ glands because there is an increased risk of hematoma.
______ Carcinoma: Rapid course, aggressive locally and disseminates early. Metastases to lungs, bones, and brain.
__-cells give rise to medullary carcinoma of the thyroid.
Graves Disease: Typical age is ______. 85% of patients are women. 2% of all women in the US have Graves disease.
MEN2A: _____ Syndrome. 30% develop parathyrodi gland hyperplasia with primary hyperparathyroidism
Radioactive iodine uptake in a patient with nodular goiter is _____genous uptake, patchy warm and cold nodules.
______ is the most sensitive and reliable test for thyroid function. It reveals the response of the pituitary gland to ambient thyroxin.
Patients with nodular colloid goiter are usually __thyroid
Hashimoto Thyroiditis is 10:1 Female to Male and most patients are ____ years old
Osteoclast is derived from a _______ precursor cell located in the bone marrow.
'Toxic adenoma' is a functional adenoma, in which hormone production is independent from ______
Secondary parathyroid hyperplasia is treated with ______ supplementation.
______ Carcinoma: Frequent lymph node metastases.
The presence of vascular or ______ invasion is essential to make the diagnosis of carcinoma
RANK is expressed on the surface of ________
Most thyroid nodules are ______
There is linkage to HLA-DR5 and HLA-_______ in Hashimoto thyroiditis.
In Hashimoto, enlargement of the thyroid gland is due to infiltration of _______ cells.
______ Carcinoma: Common lymph node and visceral metastases, Overall 10 year survival is 10%.
A thyroid enlargement
Name a symptom of thyrotoxicosis.
The presence of collagen indicate the presence of _______ inflammation which caused tissue damage and subsequent repair.
MEN2B: ______ Syndrome. No primary hyperparathyroidism. Marfanoid habitus.
The most common thyroid disease. Endemic in areas where diet is deficient in iodine.
Most patients with DeQuervain thyroiditis are ______ year old women.
Most radiation induced papillary carcinomas have _____ gene rearrangements
Carcinomas appear as cold nodule because carcinoma is less efficient than normal tissue in taking up ________
Prophylactic _________ is recommended in patients with MEN2 because of 100% incidence of Medullary Carcinoma.

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