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Forced Order
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Post-Isometric Relaxation is used for __________ Somatic Dysfunction for Ribs 11 & 12
This muscle can be recruited for treatment of Exhalation SD if the patient cannot lay prone. It is not as effective as the Quadratus Lumborum.
Anterior and inferior are force vectors to the _______barrier
Inhalation or Exhalation: Medial, Anterior, and Inferior are the caliper rib motions
Inferior or Superior: Part of rib contacted to mover to the exhalation barrier
During ME treatment, the doctor asks the patient to push _______ into the table.
This muscle is recruited during Muscle Energy Treatment of Ribs 11 & 12.
The _________hand is the one listening to the structure being treated.
Trunk sidebending during muscle energy treatment of inhalation SD can be used to pull the rib to the _______
Lateral and superior are force vectors to the _________ barrier
Local or Regional: Listen for Restricted breath motion
Local or Regional: Springing
Joint Mobilization using Muscle Force is used for _________ Somatic Dysfunction in Ribs 11 & 12
Inhalation or Exhalation: Lateral, Posterior, and Superior are the caliper rib motions
The breath provides ________ contraction during respiratory assistance.

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