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________ Scalene attached to the transverse process of C2-C7 to upper surface of Rib 1.
What type of ribs attach directly to the sternum through their own costal cartilages? Ribs 2-7
Rib 1 attachment to the sternum.
What type of ribs have indirect attachment to the sternum through fused cartilage?Ribs 8, 9, and 10
Ribs 1 and 10-12 articulate with ______ on costal facet of same number vetebrae.
Muscle responsible for adduction, extension, and medial rotation of humerus.
________ Scalene attached to the transverse process of C3-6 to inner upper ridge of Rib 1.
In Rib Embryology, each _______ contributes to two adjacent vertebra
Part of the diaphragm that blends with the anterior longitudinal ligament of the vertebral column.
Part of the diaphragm that attaches to the lumbar vertebrae. Medially to L1 transverse process and laterally to Rib 12 lower margin.
What type of ribs have no cartilage attachment to the sternum?Ribs 11 &12
Part of the diaphragm that slips from the back of the xiphoid process to the central tendon.
Ribs 2-9 articulate with _______- one costal facet of the same number vertebra and one vertebra above.
Muscle that is responsible for 2/3 of the volume of inspiration.
Muscle that suspends scapula.
_________ wall relaxes during inspiration
Ribs 8, 9 and 10 attach to the sternum with this type of cartilage.
Part of the diaphragm that attaches to the ribs.
Ribs 1-10 have this type of joint between tubercle of rib and same number vertebral transverse process.
Inspiration creates a _______intra-thoracic pressure

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