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_____ biopsy: Indicated for sampling a portion of lesion; not indicated for suspected malignant melanoma.
_____ culture: If suspicion of fungal infection high despite negative KOH, scraping can be inoculated into growth medium, and incubated aerobically for 4 to 6 weeks
Produces inflammation; effective treatment of extensive actinic keratosis, warts, or psoriasis
______ biopsy: For diagnosing superficial lesions: seborrheic or actinic keratoses, skin tags, lentigo, superficial basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas. Causes less scarring tha
Tinea ______: more common in children
Aids in diagnosis of tinea capitis, erythrasma, and porphyria cutanea tarda
A loop-shaped knife is used to scrape a lesion after local anesthesia. This may be done to obtain tissue fragments for diagnosis, but does not allow study of entire lesion and surr
Causative organism is Cornyebacterium minutissimum
After local anesthesia, electrode is applied to lesion to produce tissue destruction. May be used for warts, skin tags, and other benign lesions.
______ biopsy: Circular “cookie cutter” instruments of various diameters are used to cut out a cylindrical core of tissue from a lesion
Indicated for treatment of benign lesions (actinic keratosis, warts, skin tags, seborrheic keratosis, lentigo, molluscum contagiosum), and occasionally for small, well-defined basa
Gauze soaked in 5% acetic acid is applied to penis or to cervix. Subclinical warts (human papilloma virus) can then be visualized as tiny white papules on magnification or colposco
Scrapings from lesions are placed on a glass slide, and several drops 10% potassium hydroxide (which dissolves keratin) are added. Gentle heating over alcohol burner hastens dissol
If pustules or exudative lesions are present, ____ stain of specimen may indicate etiology, although a culture is more specific
Treats Port-wine stain, spider angiomata, cherry angiomata
______ surgery: Indicated when conventional excision would sacrifice too much normal tissue in a cosmetically or functionally critical area (eyelids, nose, ear).
______ therapy: Indicated for well-defined squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma, in older individuals or with involvement of areas such as the nose and ears, where surg
______ smear: An intact vesicle is unroofed, and the base is scraped with a scalpel. The finding of multinucleated giant cells allows rapid identification of Herpes virus, includin
Fusiform or elliptical scalpel ______: Indicated for deep lesions, fragile lesions, and suspected malignant melanoma, where removal of lesion in its entirety lowers risk of spread
_____ surgery: In general, very effective tx for basal cell or squamous cell Ca
_____ biopsy: Ideal for diagnostic skin biopsy or removing small lesions.
Simple elliptical excision is to be avoided in certain ____ locations (e.g. adjacent to eyelid) where distortion may result; a more complex procedure may be necessary
____ biopsy: can be used to remove basal cell carcinoma.
Tinea _____: more common in adults
Low intensity UV light: fungal infections tend to fluoresce; epidermal pigmentation is accentuated; dermal pigmentation is diminished.
Application of phenol or other irritants to produce inflammation and sloughing of epidermis. Sometimes used for unusually severe facial actinic keratosis; or for cosmetic treatment
_______ lighting: Sidelighting across a lesion in a darkened exam room; even slightly elevated lesions will cast a shadow
Applied every 2-3 days for several weeks to warts, actinic keratoses, or basal cell carcinoma
A glass slide is pressed against a lesion. Blood-filled lesions (e.g. erythema or hemangioma) will blanch, while purpura (e.g. vasculitis) will not.

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