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Type of receptor for antibiotics, antineoplastic agents, and ASPIRIN
Type of kinetics for most drugs where a constant fraction of drug is eliminated per unit time
Type of antagonist that shifts the agonist dose-response curve to the right
Type of antagonist where the ligand is covalently linked to the receptor
Measure of the apparent space (volume) in the body available to contain the drug
Produces a lower response at full receptor occupancy than do full agonists
Type of graph that represents large numbers of individual patients' response to various drug concentrations
A drug that typifies the most important pharmacodynamic and many pharmacokinetic characteristics of that group
How many half lives are needed to reach steady state?
What equation is this? Flux= (C1-C2) Area*Permeability Coefficient/Thickness
A drug that binds to a different receptor, producing an effect that is OPPOSITE to that produced by the drug that it is antagonizing
Type of binding site that binds to drugs without producing a direct biologic response
Increases the sensitivity to the drug
Type of receptor for hormones, antibiotics, and antineoplastic agents
Type of bond that is usually irreversible
Measure of the mobility of the drug molecules in the medium of the diffusion path
Determines how much drug is necessary
Fraction of unchanged drug reaching the SYSTEMIC CIRCULATION following administration by any route
Produces an intracellular response
What is responsible for metabolism before the drug reaches the systemic circulation
Initial dose to raise the concentration to steady state without waiting 4 half lives
More common type of bond that is short acting and has selectivity
Type of receptor for endogenous ligand, neurotransmitter, hormones and MOST DRUGS
Type of receptor for alcohol and anesthetics
Route of administration of protein base and antibody drugs
Type of graph that describes the relationship between drug concentration and response
Type of receptor for antiinflammatory agents
Measure of the ability of the body to eliminate the drug
Dictates the time to steady state
Type of drug that is lipid soluble at acid pH and excreted faster in alkaline urine
Type of kinetics where a constant amount of drug is eliminated per unit time
Type of weak bond for highly lipid soluble drugs
Type of drug that is lipid soluble at alkaline pH and excreted faster in acidic urine
Type of receptor for cardiac, CNS acting, and diuretic medications
What equation is this? Log(Protonated)/(Unprotonated) = pKa-pH

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