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This is the first National Assessment Tool for HP/DP.
The only standardized, widely used tool for performance management. It is used by >90% of U.S. Health Plans and has 60-75 different measures. Allows 'Apples to Apples Comparisons between Health Plans'
Voluntary national database of HEDIS. Tends to overestimate performance.
Immunization regional rates are lowest in the _________.
Name an immunization challenge for HEDIS.
This is designed to reduce harm to the patient and this medicolegal complications for the physician.
Head circumference is plotted until ____ years old
For vaccines with boosters at 2 month intervals, the minimum interval for catch up between the two doses is _____ days.
We have ___ days of leeway in giving vaccines early
No live vaccines in immunocompromised patients and ______ females.
Condition where two or more digits are fused together
Incurving of the 5th digit- anomaly seen in Down Syndrome
A seizure associated with fever in a child usually between 6 months and 5 years of age
Name a component of Well Care
Name one of the 4 areas of development.
Gross motor development at 9 months.
Fine motor development at 9 months.
Cognitive and language development at 9 months.
Social and emotional development at 9 months.
Routine health maintenance at 15 months.
Routine health maintenance at 1-2 weeks of age.
Use the _____ aspect of the thigh for immunizations in infants at least up to 5yo.
Name a type of risk management.
5-2-1-almost none means 5 servings of fruit and vegetables, no more than 2 hours on the computer, 1 hour of exercise, and almost no ____
Simple or Complex: Generalized seizure, no associated neurological deficit, less than 15 min duration, only one within a 24 hour period80% are simple febrile seizures
Hint Answer Extra Info
Simple or Complex: Focality, Greater than 15 minutes duration of seizure, Neurological deficit, multiple in a 24 hour period. Neurological deficit includes developmental delay, microcephaly, macrocephaly, focal neurological abnormalities
The most common infectious triggers of febrile seizures are ______ URI, AOM, Roseola.
AAP Practice guidelines recommend that physicians strongly consider Lumbar puncture for the first simple febrile seizure in a child less than _____ months old.
40% of children treated for simple febrilze seizures with phenobarbital have ______ side effects.
AAP - Neither continuous nor intermittent anticonvulsant therapy is recommended for children with one or more ______ febrile seizures.
_______ event: the abrupt onset of a clinical episode that tends to be stereotyped and repetitive, lasts seconds to minutes and ends abruptly.
Most reliable diagnostic tool of Pseudoseizures is performing an _______ during an event.
Most common etiology of seizures in childhood.
_______ seizure is uncommon before 5 years of age. Sudden cessation of motor activity and speech with a blank facial expression and flickering of the eyelids. Rarely lasts more than 30 seconds. 3 Hz spike on EEG.
Typical _______ seizure disorder of early childhood: Mean age of onset is 2.5 years old. EEG= abnormal, fast spike and wave. Frequency is up to several daily
Complex Myoclonic Seizure Disorder is a heterogenous group with poor prognosis. Seizures are persistent, refractory to treatment and 75% incidence of _______EEG is abnormal with slow spike and wave discharges
_______-Gastaut syndome is a combination of tonic-clonic and myoclonic seizures with a specific EEG abnormality and poor prognosis.
_______ spasms have onset at 4-8mo. of age. Brief, symmetric contractions of neck, trunk, and extremities. Symptomatic form in 80-90% of cases with an abnormal neurologic exam.
Hypsarrhythmia, a chaotic pattern of bilateral asynchronous slow-wave activity is seen in ______ spasms.
______ partial seizures may be confused with tics. EEG may show spikes or sharp waves.
______ partial seizures have impaired consciousness and automatisms that occur in 50-75% of cases. EEG shows temporal lobe focal spikes or sharp waves. TEMPORAL REGION
Long term sequelae of Status Epilepticus is more common in patients less than ___yo.
In patients with first afebrile seizure and common neurological exam, yield of CT or MRI is _________
Carbamazepine is used for generalized tonic-clonic seizures. ______ should not be used concomitantly.
Sodium valproate is associated with irreversible _________, particularly in children less than 2 yo.
Preferred drug for infantile spasms.
______ diet is used for recalcitrant seizures.
Used for intractable seizures, unresponsive to Rx, particularly focal seizures.
Most children with seizures require no limitation except bathing, swimming, and _______.
Stop therapy after 2 years seizure-free and no risk factors. Wean meds after ____ months. 20-25% recurrence rate occurring during the first 6 months after discontinuation

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