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What year did PSSO change its name to PSO?
Proposition 20 was a passed initiative of the people of CA that created a separate Osteopathic Licensing Board. What year was it passed?
What year did PCO and LACO merge and form COP&S?
First Practitioner of Osteopathy in CA in 1894.
A urologist that supported the merger proposed between COA and CMA. He was pro-merger in 1941-1960s.
First School of Osteopathy in California that opened in 1896.
President of COP&S in 1936-1938.
He opened PSSO in Anaheim in 1896. He also helped found another Osteopathic College in SF in 1898.
What year did PSO declare bankruptcy and PCO started?
What year was LACO founded by faculty of Des Moines S.S. Still College of Osteopathy?
Unit ___ was the DO portion of LA County Hospital.
He lobbied for legislation that established practice rights for DOs in CA. This includes the AB230 that established Board of Osteopathic Examiners in 1901.
He noticed that the morbidity and mortality statistics of Unit II were less than Unit I in the LA County Hospital.
What year did PSO move to Pasadena?
What year did PSO move from Anaheim to LA?

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