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ICU patients and patients with low vitality that can be further compromised by active muscular exertion are relative contraindications to this technique.
There is no clear distinction made between relative and absolute contraindications in this technique.
Letter of the SOAP note: Rib raising, thoracic cage, q8hours
Avoid overstimulating _________ neurons.
Fractures, abscesses, thrombus, fragility of nearby organs, and certain stages of carcinoma are relative contraindications in this technique.
Acute whiplash, pregnancy, post surgical conditions, herniated nucleus pulposus, hemophiliacs, and vertebral artery ischemia are relative contraindications to this technique.
Osteoporosis, osteomyelitis, bone metastasis, fractures in the area of thrust, or weakened ligament of dens in RA and Down Syndrome patients are absolute contraindications to this
Letter of SOAP note: Somatic dysfunction of the pelvis.
If you didn't write it down, it didn't ________!!!
Severely debilitated patients and osteoporotic patients are relative contraindications to this technique.
Letter of SOAP note: T5 F RR SR
Inability of the patient to cooperate is an absolute contraindication in this technique.
Procedure Type, Anatomic Region to be treated, and Frequency of treatment are components of
Inability to relax muscles due to disease, severe pain, age, or drugs are absolute contraindications to this technique.

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