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Name the Researcher: Lymphatic pump is associated with increased immune response and increased anti-tumor response.
Name the Researcher: Excessive Crying Correlated with abnormal Cranial Rhythmic Impulse at 2 weeks
Name the Researcher: 64% of Preschool kids have Non-musculoskeletal diagnosis.
Name the Researcher: OMT causes significant decrease in arterial-intima medial layer thickness and systolic BP.
Name the Researcher: OMT decreased Preterm delivery and associated with decreased meconium stained amniotic fluid.
Name the Researcher: Women with OMT had more functionality but OMT had NO EFFECT on back pain scale.
Name the Researcher: Studied hospitalized patients with pneumonia. Thoracic pump showed increased gas trapping in COPD patients.
Name the Researcher: OMT had significantly greater increase in secretory IgA
Name the Researcher: Somatic Dysfunction of the body can cause visible histological changes in the viscera through the mechanisms of autonomic imbalance.
Name the Researcher: The spinal cord does learn on its own and can modify neural signals using the interneuron cell.
Decreased response strength to repeated stimuli.
Increased response strength to repeated stimuli. One way for the cord to prevent potentially damaging stimuli from being ignored.
Component of a joint most likely to sustain injury due to HVLA in children.
OMT is children is more directed to membranes, fascia, and _____ than in adults.
Section of the spinal cord associated with a dysfunctional vertebrae.
Facilitated segment feels edematous and ____.
Klipell-Feil syndrome is the fusion of which region.
HVLA have best results when the _____ barrier is reached prior to applying the thrust.
Muscle that is both a flexor and extensor of the head and/or neck.
Increased sympathetic tone at a facilitated segment can cause _______ disease at that segmental level
Batwing deformity is the enlargement of the _____ process of L5.
Name the Researcher: Women of child bearing age with depression. Individuals who received OMT reverted to normal range Zung depression scale by week 8.
Name the Researcher: Measured CRI in psychiatric patients. Patients with rates outside the normal range demonstrated psychiatric symptoms.
Still-Hildredth: Of patients admitted who stayed longer than 6 weeks, overall ___% improved
Still-Hildredth: If admitted within 6 months of symptoms, recovery was ___%
Still-Hildredth: If admitted within 6 months to one year of onset of symptoms: recovery was ___%
Still-Hildredth: If admitted within 1 to 2 years of onset of symptoms: recovery was ___%
Still-Hildredth: If admitted within over 2 years of symptoms: recovery was ____%
Still-Hildredth: Spontaneous recovery rate without OMT or diet control was ___%
High Yield TART in Neuropsychiatric disease.

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