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Breast malignancy presenting as itching, burning, and erosion of the nipple
A patient has increased vaginal discharge and petechial patches in the upper vagina and cervix
Molar pregnancy containing fetal tissue
Therapy for PCOS
Breast cancer type that increases the future risk of invasive carcinoma in both breasts.
Annual screening for women with a strong family history of ovarian cancer
Term for heavy bleeding during and between menstrual periods
Treatment for postpartum hemorrhage
A patient fails to lactate after an emergency C section with marked blood loss
Two consecutive findings of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASCUS) on Pap smear. Follow-up evaluation?
A patient presents with recent PID and RUQ pain
A 50-year old woman has unpredictable urine loss. Examination is normal. Medical options?
Classic ultrasound and gross appearance of complete hydatiform mole
Symptoms of placental abruption
Contraceptive methods that protect against PID
When should a vaginal exam be performed with suspected placenta previa?
Cause of amenorrhea with normal prolactin, no response to estrogen-progesterone challenge, and a history of D&C
Medication used to induce ovulation
How to diagnose and follow a leiomyoma
Lab values suggestive of menopause
The most common cause of female infertility
A 50-year old woman leaks urine when laughing or coughing. Nonsurgical options?
Diagnostic step required in a postmenopausal woman who presents with vaginal bleeding
Indications for medical treatment of ectopic pregnancy
Chromosomal pattern of a complete mole
Unopposed estrogen is contraindicated in which cancers?
The most common cause of bloody nipple discharge
The most common location for an ectopic pregnancy
Medication given to accelerate fetal lung maturity
Primary cause of third trimester bleeding
Natural history of leiomyoma
Medical options for endometriosis
Antibiotics with teratogenic effects
Uterine bleeding at 18 weeks' gestation, no products expelled, cervical os open
Symptoms of placenta previa
Typical antibiotics for GBS prophylaxis
Treatment for bacterial vaginosis
Uterine bleeding at 18 weeks' gestation, no products expelled, cervical os closed
The most common cause of postpartum hemorrhage
The first test to perform when a woman presents with amenorrhea.
Laparoscopic findings in endometriosis

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