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Carcinomas, Lung cancer to bronchial lymph node, and breast cancer to axillary lymph node are associated with what pathway of metastasis
Benign tumor of glandular epithelium
Based on size of the tumor, extend of spread to the lymph nodes, and presence or absence of metastasis. Better than grading in clinically evaluating the tumor.
Molecules which hold cells together and its function is lost in epithelial cancer
Most reliable feature that distinguish malignant tumors from benign tumors
Type of tumor that is anaplastic, rapidly growing, invasive, and metastatic
Skin ulceration in breast cancer, hemoptysis in lung cancer, and pain in pancreatic cancer are examples of what?
Tumor cells that undergo divergent differentiation
The degree to which tissue resemble their origin both in structure and function
Lack of differentiation, loss of structural and functional characteristics of normal tissue.
Any growth, benign or malignant that project out from the SURFACE MUCOSAL epithelium
Sarcoma and common destinations to liver and lung are associated with what pathway of metastasis
Type of tumor that is a well circumscribed local mass, closely resembles the original cell of origin morphologically and biochemically, and often encapsulated by fibrous tissue.
From germ cell layer (ovary or testis) which are capable of differentiating into any other cell type. Abnormal proliferation that is segregated to one are.
Cell division to replace old cells or provide additional cells when needed
Benign microscopic FINGER LIKE projections growing on any surface
Composed of tissues normally found in location of origin but in abnormal quantity, mixture, or arrangement
Type of tumor that ends in -oma
Malignant tumor of epithelial origin
First lymph node in a regional lymphatic basin
Loss of body fat and lean body mass. It is not caused by nutritional demand of the tumor. All tumors characterized by this over a long period of time.
Based on differentiation of tumor cells and number of mitosis. Ranges from I-IV.
Malignant tumor of mesenchymal origin (connective tissue)
Variation in shape and size, hyperchromatic nuclei, giant cells, excessive mitotic figures, and loss of polarity.
A mass of histologically normal tissue in an abnormal location
Symptoms which appear in patients with cancer but not explained by the tumor or its metastasis. Most common are hypercalcemia, Cushing syndrome, and hypercoagulability.
Carcinoma that is localized and confined to the epithelium in which they arise. Does NOT invade the basement membrane.
Excessive pigmentation from condensed chromatin in nucleus when cells start to divide.
Ovarian tumors are associated with what pathway of metastasis

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