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Can you name the Name the Receptor a1-2, B1-2, M1-3?

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Increase apocrine (stress)
Contract ciliary muscle to allow AH to flow out of Canal of Schlemm
Relax skeletal and coronary vasculature
Increase eccrine sweat glands.
Relax GI sphincters
Gluconeogenesis, Glycogenolysis in Liver
Relax Bronchiolar SM
Contract circular/sphincter muscles to close pupils (miosis)
Contract Bronchiolar SM
Contract seminal vesicles and cause ejaculation
Renin release by kidney
Relax blood vessels in penis and cause erection
Contract Bladder sphincters
Contract GI SM walls
Relax GI SM walls
Activated by Norepinephrine.
Relax Bladder walls
Contract radial muscle and open pupils
Contract Bladder walls
Increase heart rate, contractile force, and conduction velocity.
Relax Bladder sphincters
Increase gastric secretion
Ciliary epithelium AH production
Relax Uterus
Contract arterioles, veins
Presynaptic inhibition. Inhibits Adenylyl cyclase which results into decreased cAMP, Ca2+ phosphorylation, and NT release.
Increase sodium pump activity in skeletal muscle Epinephrine binds to this receptor.
Increase glandular secretion
Decrease heart rate, contractile force, and conduction velocity
Contract GI sphincters

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