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Klebsiella granulomatis treatment
Budding yeast; polymorphic; opportunistic pathogen
Small, pleomorphic gram (-) rod
Culture on chocolate agar
Clinical presentation is painful ulceration with associated inguinal lymphadenopathy
Gram-variable coccobacilli
Gonorrhea treatment
Cheesy vaginal discharge
Flagellate protozoa; only trophozoite form, no cyst form
Virulence factor includes antigenic variation and dissemination
Spirochetes, no growth on artificial media
Intracellular encapsulated gram (-) rod
Gram (-) diplococci, bean-shapred, oxidase (+), fastidious, facultative intracellular
Syphilis treatment
Candida albicans treatment
Chlamydia treatment
Clue cells on microscopy
Trichomonas vaginalis treatment
Infective and Diagnostic form: Trophozoite
Gardnerella vaginalis treatment
Donovan bodies on microscopy
Obligate intracellular pathogen, no peptidoglycan layer, Elementary Body & Reticulate Body
Transmitted by endogenous infection
Grows on Thayer-Martin agar
Haemophilus ducreyi treatment

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