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_______: a GABA-a modulator produces hyperpolarization on both efferent and afferent neurons.
Increase in tonic stretch reflexes and flexor muscle spasms together with muscle weakness (Painful spasms). Abnormal bowel, bladder and skeletal muscle function.
Fastest onset and shortest duration of action (5-10min) depolarizing drug. It is optimal for short procedures such as intubation that sometimes requires pharmacologic airway relaxa
Baclofen increases Potassium conductance resulting into ______.
Name a side effect of depolarizing blockade.
NM block is enhanced by ______.
Non-depolarizing drugs are _____ antagonist. Therefore, increased agonist, ACh, concentration can compete for the binding to the nicotinic receptor. Drugs like cholinesterase inhib
low dose nondepolarizing NM blockers antagonize succinyl-choline-induced fasciculation's and post-operative _____
Prevents release of acetylcholine from vesicles. Used for generalized spastic disorders due to neurologic injury. Single injection works for weeks to months.
______: a GABA-b agonist produces a hyperpolarizing signal on the IA afferent fibers.
Phase 2 block occurs after long term exposure to succinylcholine. In phase 2 the block resembles non-depolarizing blockade. Succinylcholine may be blocking the ____ of the channel
Name a toxicity of Baclofen.
CNS acting spasmolytic that may be useful in spasm of patients multiple sclerosis
_______: inhibits skeletal muscle contraction directly by preventing release of calcium from the sarcoplasm.
Name one of the two two general chemical classification of nondepolarizing skeletal muscle relaxants
Phase II block: _____: after continued exposure
Phase I block: ______: flaccid paralysis
Name technique used clinically to measure the affects of skeletal muscle relaxants
There is a small number of patients (1 in 3500 people of ______ decent) who have a genetic mutation in a butyrylcholinesterase--a plasma cholinesterase. There is limited breakdown
Congener of Clonidine (alpha 2 agonist). Spasmolytic effect due to reinforcement of both presynaptic and postsynaptic inhibition of the motor neuron in the cord. Toxicity: drowsine
Nondepolarizing drugs have less affect on autonomic ganglia and _______ receptors as compared to succinylcholine
Fastest onset (1-2min) among Non-depolarizing relaxants. Reversed with cholinesterase inhibitors.
In phase 1 block succinylcholine locks the channel in the ____ state producing fasciculation fatigue.
______ Relaxants: agonist of nicotinic receptor which are relatively resistant to degradation producing excessive channel opening and subsequent muscle fatigue
______ Relaxants: antagonist of acetylcholine (low doses), high doses blocks poor
Related to TCAs. Interferes with polysynaptic reflexes in the brain stem that maintain skeletal muscle tone . Toxicity: sedation, antimuscarinic effects (dry mouth), fatigue, nause
Binds to the “ryanodine” calcium channel in the sarcoplasmic reticulum. Inhibits the release of (activator) calcium from the sarcoplasmic reticulum - prevents contraction . Adv
Duration correlates with _______ mechanism.
Used to treat ALS-induced spasm by inhibition of glutaminergic transmission in CNS

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