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Forced Order
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Copper binding protein that is low in Wilson's disease
___________Hypothesis is when B12 deficiency blocks the transfer of CH3 from FH4-CH3
NOS is made from _____________to Citrulline.
Iron Transport
Toxic RNOS
Major function of the monophosphate shunt is to provide this.
Loss of lower molecular weight proteins. Retention of higher molecular weight proteins.
Used for Vitamin D transport
Deficiency in alpha-1 antitrypsin results into this disease
Low albumin can be due to cirrhosis, nephrotic syndome or __________
Enzyme that initiates phagocytic respiratory burst
Active form of folic acid
Plasma proteins are found in Liver and _________
Megaloblastic anemia is caused by a deficiency in Folate and _______
Form of FH4 used for de novo purine synthesis
Malnutrition results into low albumin, low gamma globulin, and high___________
alpha-1 antitrypsin inhibits this protease
Myeloma causes an increase of this globulin
Form of FH4 used for Thymidine and Serine synthesis
Low levels of this alpha-2 globulin indicates hemolysis.
Form of FH4 used to form B12-CH3 and Methionine
Lack of parietal cells/intrinsic factor results into this type of anemia.
Hemolytic effect of ingesting Fava beans. Not observed in all individuals with G6PD deficiency.
Precipitating factor of hemolytic anemia
A biochemical reductant responsible for reduction of H2O2 into H2O
Toxic ROS
Albumin is made in this organ
Minor serum component that is a marker of inflammation.
How many binding sites does transferrin have for iron?
Iron Storage

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