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Name a common initial symptom in MS.
_____ pendulum: objects appear to move toward and away from viewer, like 3D movie
_____ sign: temporary worsening of symptoms brought out by heat exposure (hot shower); usually visual—blurred vision, diplopia—but may be motor or sensory; heat sensitivity may
______: electrical sensations down back and into limbs when neck is flexed (dorsal columns)
Name an ancillary symptom of MS.
Relapses evolve over days to weeks with full recovery after 4 to 8 weeks or with sequelae and residual deficit upon recovery, especially if _____ severely impaired.
Always begins as Relapse Remitting MS disease course followed by progressive deterioration in function that is independent of clinical attacks
Disease progression with steady functional decline from onset, no attacks, but occasional plateaus and temporary minor improvements may present
Progressive disease from onset which continues steadily over time (like PPMS) AND with clear acute relapses, with or without full recovery, superimposed on steady decline (likeSPMS
An ____ should be done in all patients in whom the diagnosis of MS is being considered
Name a standard test performed when ruling out MS mimics.
Positive findings in more than ____% of patients when MRI is done.
MS: myelin ____ such as myelin basic protein increased in CSF
Name an Infectious/Inflammatory/Autoimmune differential for MS.
Name a treatment for acute attacks of MS.
Patients who do not respond to corticosteroids may need _______ (also called plasma exchange)
Used for acute attacks of MS. Potassium channel blocker→possibly increasing conduction in demyelinated axons
First Line Disease-Modifying Treatment of MS
Name a drug in the Mnemonic 'CRAB' of brand names of First Line Disease-Modifiying Treatment of MS.
Name a drug that is FDA approved as second line for Relapse Remitting MS.
First ORAL disease modifying drug for MS, taken daily
Results indicates that, for the majority of women with MS with mild to moderate disability, pregnancy outcomes are _______ to those of the general population
Classically described as a uniphasic syndrome occurring in association with an immunization or vaccination (postvaccination encephalomyelitis) or systemic viral infection (parainfe
Patients present with headache, pyrexia, vomiting, drowsiness, and generalized weakness, proceeding rapidly to coma. Usually fatal within days.
Inflammatory demyelinating syndrome affecting peripheral nerves. Weakness in all four extremities progressing to paralysis in many cases. Muscles of respiration significantly affec
Shares feature with GBS but distinguished by its CHRONIC course. Motor and sensory symptoms in most cases: Usually symmetric. Asymmetric due to discrete peripheral nerve involvemen

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