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Release of NO by endothelial cell results into ___________ of smooth muscle cell in blood vessel.
An increase in Calcium channels and increase in calcium from SR causes smooth muscle ________.
Autonomic control of smooth muscle can be excitatory (B2 receptors) or _________(M3 receptors).
ATP ________ resets the myosin head from where it rotated.
Epinephrine released by the adrenal medulla cause vasodilation through this receptor.
Myosin and actin of smooth muscles are arranged on ________.
_________ faciliatates dephosphorylation of myosin.
The rate of ATP hydrolysis limits the maximum _________ of shortening of smooth muscle.
In smooth muscle, myosin and actin have ______ affinity and need a phosphate in order for myosin to bind to actin.
_________ inactivates myosin light chain kinase.
This is needed for myosin to dissociate from actin during the crossbridge cycling.
Rate of shortening of smooth muscle depends on ATPase rate and the percentage of ____________.
Plasma _______ is the most potent vasodilator of cerebral blood vessels.
An increase in K+ channels and decrease in Ca2+ channels causes smooth muscle _______.
Myosin light chain kinase ___________ myosin light chain and initiates cross bridge cycling.
Type of muscle that only has Calcium influx from SR.
Hyperpolarization of smooth muscle is due to opening of this channel.
Local control during extreme exercise to maintain adequate _________ to the muscle.
Type of muscle where calcium binds to calmodulin instead of troponin.
________ smooth muscle contracts when you need to empty the bladder.
Opening of this channel causes depolarization in smooth muscle.
Sympathetic stimulation causes vasoconstriction of blood vessels through these receptors.
Removal of inhibition by troponin-tropomyosin complex does not occur in this type of muscle.
Neural control during extreme exercise is to increase ______ and maintain blood pressure.
Circulating _________ can exert an effect on smooth muscle without an action potential.
_______ mechanism is the maintenance of force while not using as much ATP.
Adenosine acts on smooth muscle cell and _______ cell.
Over a wide range of pressures, blood flow to the brain is kept _______.
_________ smooth muscles are coupled to each other by gap junction and contract together.
________ smooth muscle remain contracted for a long period of time.

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