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Name one of the 4 fundamental attributes of a sensory experience encoded and recognized by the nervous system
Name an encapsulated receptor.
Name a non-encapsulated receptor.
A _____ adapting mechanoreceptor fire action potentials at the start and at the end of the stimulus. Pacinian, Meissner corpuscle
_________ sensory cortex, SI, Brodman’s 3,2,1
______ sensory cortex, SII
_______ association cortex, Brodman’s 5 and 7
Damage to the cerebral cortex produces contralateral cortical sensory loss with decreased stereognosia and _________.
Name a sensory modality in the Dorsal Column Medial Lemniscus pathway.
Ia for muscle spindle, Ib for Gogi tendon, and AB for touch and vibration are _______ sensory fibers.
Primary afferent fibers enter the spinal cord through the _____ root and ascend with fasciculus gracilis and cuneatus. They synapse with the second order neurons in the nucleus gra
In DCML pathway, fibers from medial lemniscus synapse with the 3rd neuron in the _______ of the thalamus
The primary sensory cortex receives information directly from the ______.
Primary sensory cortex is located in the postcentral gyrus in the _______ lobe.
SII is located in the extension of the postcentral gyrus inside the ___ sulcus.
_______ areas are the areas receiving input which has been analyzed by primary and secondary cortices.
Brodmann's area _____: primary motor area
Brodmann's area _____: primary visual area
Brodmann's area _____: primary auditory area
Somatic sensation for the face and upper limbs are mapped out along the ______ surface.
Lower limbs are mapped out on the ______ surface of the paracentral lobule.
Inability to recognize objects.
Perceive objects by touch
Recognize writing by touch
Exaggeration of any sensory modality
Name a positive phenomena in damage to DCML pathway.
Name a sensory modality conveyed by ALS.
Spinothalamic tract, Spinoreticular tract, Spinomesencephalic tract, and Spinohypothalamic tract are part of the ______.
Free nerve endings are _______ receptors that are non-encapsulated terminal axon branches.
Adelta fibers transmit ____, acute pain that is first felt when an injury occurs.
C fibers transmit the type of ___ pain that is lasting and reaches the thalamus and cortex after sharp pain because they stop in the reticular formation of the brainstem.
C fibers terminate mostly in Lamina II substantia ______
Pain is a ______ symptom in the ALS pathway.
Name a proinflammatory mediator released by injured cells.
Refers to an increased sensitivity and a lowered threshold to pain stimuli.
Refers to an excessive reaction to all stimuli even to those normally non painful.
Substance ___ is a potent vasodilator, degranulates mast cells, is a chemoattractant for leukocytes and increases production and release of inflammatory mediators. All this further increase receptor sensitization
______ pain is the pain originating from a deep structure, such as viscera, but it is felt as coming from a somatic area.
In referred pain, visceral neuron also synapse on the ________ cell body.
Trigeminal nerve attaches to the brainstem at the level of the mid _____.
Name a sensory innervation of CNV.
Principal sensory nucleus, Spinal nucleus of V, and Mesencephalic nucleus receive _______ information from the face.
Principal sensory nucleus is located in ______
Spinal nucleus of V is located in ______
Mesencephalic nucleus is located in ______
Motor nucleus is located in _____
Trigeminal lemniscal fibers decussate in the ______ , join the medial lemniscus and ascend to the VPM nucleus of the thalamus
The spinal nucleus projects to the contralateral thalamus through a fiber tract known as the ______ tract
Proprioceptive fibers terminate in the ipsilateral thalamus (conscious prorioception), in the _______(unconscious proprioception) and in the trigeminal motor nucleus
Efferent limb of Corneal Reflex - _____ nerve
Efferent limb of Jaw Jerk Reflex- CN__, motor fibers
_______ nucleus transmits most of the proprioception from the muscles of mastication and eye muscles.

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