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Can you name the Lower Limb Muscle Innervations ?

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Forced Order
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Muscle Nerve Innervation Location
Vastus lateralis (Quadricep) Anterior Thigh
PectineusMedial Thigh Superficial Layer
Adductor magnusMedial Thigh Deep Layer
Semitendinosus Posterior Thigh
Obturator internus, Gemeli, Quadratus femoris
Gluteus maximus
Biceps femoris Posterior Thigh
Semimembranosus Posterior Thigh
Rectus femoris (Quadricep) Anterior Thigh
Vastus medialis (Quadricep)Anterior Thigh
Adductor longusMedial Thigh Superficial Layer
Muscle Nerve Innervation Location
Sartorius Anterior Thigh
Psoas minor/major
Tensor fasciae latae
Gluteus minimus
Vastus intermedius (Quadricep) Anterior Thigh
Gracilis Medial Thigh Superficial Layer
Adductor minimusMedial Thigh Deep Layer
Gluteus medius
Obturator externus Medial Thigh Deep Layer
Adductor brevis Medial Thigh Superficial Layer

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