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Bacteria associated with staghorn calculi
Serum calcium levels may be falsely low in hypoalbuminemia, check ______ calcium
In pheochromocytoma, administer _______ before beta blockers to prevent hypertensive crisis.
Fluid _______ is the cornerstone of SIADH treatment
Consider using hypertonic saline only if a patient has seizures due to hyponatremia, and when serum Na is less than ______. In most cases, NS is the best replacement fluid.
'C BIG K' treatment of hyperkalemia
'PHAROH' Nephritic syndrome findings
6 D's of Hypernatremia
Aspirin overdose can cause both a metabolic acidosis and a respiratory _______
Cushing's disease = too much cortisol from an ACTH-producing pituitary _____
Hypercalcemia is associated with 'stones, bones, moans, groans, and psychiatric overtones.' Administer IV fluids and then ______ diuretics.
Parasympathetic nervous system mediates erection, sympathetic nervous system mediates ______
____ receptor-stimulating antibodies are found in patients with Graves' disease.
In _______ disease, cortisol secretion remains elevated with the low-dose dexamethasone test but is suppressed with the high-dose dexamethasone test.
AEIOU indications for urgent dialysis
Cushing's syndrome= too much ______
Check _____ levels if medullary thyroid cancer is suspected
B-HCG is always elevated in ________ and is elevated in 10% of seminomas.
Left untreated, _______ resulting from urinary obstruction leads to hypertension, acute or chronic renal failure, or sepsis and has a very poor prognosis.
Causes of an elevated PSA.
Annual _____ after age 50 is the recommended screening method for prostate cancer.
Subacute ______ presents with a tender thyroid.
Classic triad of renal cell carcinoma: _______, flank pain, and a palpable flank mass.
Exophthalmos, pretibial myxedema, and thyroid bruits are specific for _____ disease.
Hypokalemia sensitizes the heart to ____ toxicity because both compete for the same sites on the Na+K+ pump
Hypokalemia is usually due to renal or _____ losses.
Drug that is an absolute contraindication to sildenafil (the combined effect of decreased BP can lead to myocardial ischemia)
Rule out _____ in all cases of hyperprolactinemia.
Patients with metabolic alkalosis, hypokalemia, and a normal BP likely have one of the following conditions
BPH most commonly occures in the ____ (periurethral) zone of the prostate and may not be detected on DRE.
Do not give Metformin to septic patients or those with renal or hepatic failure because it can worsen metabolic ______

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