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APC that capture antigens by phagocytosis of pathogens
Reaction catalyzed by TdT (terminal deoxy transferase)
Compounds that are only immunogenic when attached to a larger molecule, called a carrier
Enzyme that mediates Isotype class switching.
Name an example of a toxoid vaccine
WBC count >12000 is a sign of what?
Type of immunity that is non-specific, no memory, fast, and constant
Class of Ig involved in complement system activation
Part of the antigen that antibodies and T cells physically bind to
A kinase involved in signaling of IL-2
Attract leukocytes into sites of tissue damage or infection
State of immunologic inactivity
The process by which peptides are generated from larger polypeptides
The only approved adjuvant for humans that turns a soluble protein into a particle and makes it easier to phagocytize by APCs
Most immunogenic route of immunization
Name an example of a killed vaccine
Type of interaction where antigen activated B cells present antigen to helper T cells
Class of Ig that cross the placenta
How are engulfed bacteria killed?
What adhesion molecules are required for tight binding of neutrophils?
Pattern recognition molecules that sense different microbial products
Where positive and negative selection occur
Acute phase proteins in acute infection. Part of the innate immune response.
Type of immunization that has no new immune response, provides immediate protection, and has no memory or secondary response
What adhesion molecules are required for rolling of neutrophils?
Activates the NFkB
Marker for B cells that is targeted for therapy in lymphoma and autoimmune diseases
Class of MHC found on APC only.
Group of serum proenzymes that are activated by antigen bound Ig or by membrane components of Gram negative bacteria or fungi
An increase in the number of immature neutrophils. A sign of infection
Class of Ig that crosses epithelial surfaces by the use of poly-Ig receptor
Kills tumor and virally infected cells. Does not undergo TCR or Ig rearrangement.
Terminally differentiated B cells that make lots of IgG
Cell Type that HIV affects
Which is the best antigen- protein, carbohydrate, or lipid?
Type of IFN secreted by Th1 that upregulates MHC Class I and II and activates macrophages to become highly microbiocidal.
Workhorse of lab diagnoses used for detecting antigens or antibodies to antigens.
Class of Ig that mediates allergic reaction and involved in sensitization of mast cells
The normal flora on the skin, GI tract, and urogenital tract are a type of what defense?
APC that capture antigens by endocytosis
APC that captures antigens via cell surface antibody molecules
This increases with repeated antigen exposure
Where somatic hypermutation, class switching, and affinity maturation are occurring
This type of exclusion gives homogenous B cell receptors with high avidity binding
What do T cells see?
Region of antibodies that contains antigen binding sites.
Name a type of cancer prevented by vaccines.
Type of selection where T cells must be able to recognize self MHC or die.
Type of immunization that has a new immune response, delayed protection, memory, and occurs naturally with infection
Name an example of a subunit or recombinant vaccine
Allows for assessment of lymphocyte subpopulations
Name a potent anaphylotoxin?
Type of selection of T cells where there is strong recognition of either Class I or Class II MHC peptide. 95% of thymocytes die via this process.
Antigens containing more than 1 epitope
Type of T cells found in skin and mucosal tissues that kill bacterially-infected cells
Name an example of Live attenuated vaccine
How do peptides bind to MHC?
Phosphatase that activates the transcription factor NFAT
Neutrophils that are directed to site of infection by interactions between what molecule
Type of immunity that is highly specific, has memory, slow, and improves

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