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58yo man with non-productive cough and fever 38.9C. CXR reveals 4cm diameter mass with an air-fluid level in the right lung. Sputum gram stain is mixed flora. DDx?
_______ _______ is responsible for more than 90% of lobar pneumonias.
______ obstruction is associated with resorption atelectasis.
Organization of fibrinous exudates leads to intra-alveolar fibrosis in this condition.
A 65yo has productive cough and difficulty breathing. He is positive for encapsulated gram+ diplococci (strep pneumoniae). The patient's dyspnea is due to?
Abscesses resulting from aspiration of infective material are more common on the _____ side.
CMV infections: in individuals over 15 years of age the _______ route is the dominant mode of transmission, but spread may also occur via respiratory secretions & fecal-oral route.
Virus that causes SARS. H5N1
Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection sweeps through children's summer camp. If you were to examine the children's lungs, what would you most likely find?
60yo chronic alcoholic has an elevated WBC with a left shift. A bronchoalveolar lavage is performed. Which organism is most likely present?
75yo man with fever and purulent sputum in hospital. Neutrophils and proteinacious exudate in bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli. Many gram negative bacilli. Most likely diagnosis?
65yo smoker with hemoptysis. Biopsy shows SCLC. What sodium lab finding is present?
Question Answer Extra Info
40yo woman has bilateral pleural effusions and enlargement of hilar lymph nodes. Thoracentesis is cloudy fluid with protein concentration= 4.5 g/dL. Cause?
35yo man with recurring pneumonia. CXR shows a perihilar mass, bronchoscopy shows a polypoid lesion. Histology- nests and cords of cells with 'salt & pepper' chromatin.Malignant potential cannot be definitely assessed by morpholic criteria alone. Some variants grow in a 'collar button' fashion appearing as mucosal plaques and penetrating into the bronchial wall
68yo man- CXR shows interstitial markings and CT of the chest shows a peripheral density encasing the left lung. Etiologic factor? Thorascopic biopsy contain a biphasic population of spindle shaped and cuboidal cells invading fibro-adipose tissue.
___% of lung cancers occur in active smokers or those who stopped recently.
60yo man with 70 pack year history of smoking. CXR shows hyperlucent lung fields, cavitary lesion near the hilus and hilar adenopathy. DDx?
75yo woman with tumor cells that are positive for chromogranin, neuron-specific enolase, synaptophysin, and high molecular weight cytokeratin intermediate filaments.
60yo woman is disoriented and agitated. Lab tests show hyponatremia, normal serum osmolality, and normal glucose. What is the explanation for her neurologic symptoms?
65yo man with 90 pack year history of smoking and dies of septicemia. Autopsy reveals bronchi microscopically demonstrate mucus gland hypertrophy. What is the clinical course?
70yo man with enophthalmos, meiosis, anhidrosis, ptosis. Patient also has chest pain, right upper lobe opacification. What condition is likely to be present?
68yo shipyard worker with dyspnea. Sputum cytology show rare ferruginous bodies, but no parenchymal masses. Normal FEV1/FVC ratio. DDx?
66yo roofer has a history of resected colon cancer. He complains of dyspnea. Pleural tap has acinar (glands) structures composed of atypical cells with large hyperchromatic nuclei

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