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Pneumovax vaccination should be given to all individuals greater than _____ years of age.Revaccinate every 5 years.
Atypical organisms are intrinsically resistant to ______ agents and must be treated with a macrolide, a fluoroquinolone, or a tetracycline. Atypical pneumonia is not very symptomaticNa
An infection of the pulmonary parenchyma. CAP= 4 million cases/year with 45,000 deaths annually. 6th leading cause of death.
Differential Diagnosis for Non-Infectious Pneumonia.
Treatment for CAP in ICU and Staph is suspected. Extended spectrum Penicillins like carbapenam's or 3rd generation Cephalosporins are used here
In the event of an influenza outbreak, unprotected patients at risk should be vaccinated and given ______ with either oseltamivir or zanamivir for 2 weeks until vaccine induced ant
Name a physical exam sign of pneunomia that presents 60-70% of the time.
Three particular noteworthy complications of CAP are metastatic infection, lung abscess, and complicated ______ _______.pH less than 7, glucose less than 2.2mmol/L, and Lactate dehydrogenase >1000U/L , then the fluid should be drained and chest tube is usually required.
Name a cause of Non-ICU Hospitalized CAP.
Viral pneumonia usually have more ______ symptoms such as rhinorrhea and congestion.
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Name a Common Complication of severe CAP.
Physical exam sign of pneumonia when there is an associated effusion. If early - pleural rub
Name a prevention method for pneumonia.
Name a cause of ICU Hospitalized CAP.
Treatment for CAP. Macrolide = Clarithromycin, Azithromycin
Treatment for CAP if patient had antibiotics in the last 3 months or in an inpatient non-ICU setting.
Possible pathogen when someone stays in a hotel or cruise ship (close quarters) for less than 2 weeks.
Atypical organisms causing Atypical Pneumonia include Mycoplasma, Chlamydophila, and ________.Respiratory viruses such as Influenza, Adenovirus, and RSV
Name a cause of Outpatient CAP.
Differential Diagnosis for Infectious Pneumonia.

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