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if solubility is low, arterial tension rises ______.
Name a general anesthesia drug with a slow onset and recovery.
Rate of Anesthesia is ________ proportional to the Gas blood solubility
Incomplete anesthetic with rapid onset and recovery.
Medium rate of onset and recovery
Respiratory depression _______ the rate of onset and recovery of inhaled anesthetics.
Name a highly perfused tissue that receives most of the inhaled anesthetic.
An increase in pulmonary blood flow _______ the rate of rise of in arterial tension.
___________ determines the time of recovery from anesthesia.
Name a Halothane toxicity.
Name a Methoxyflurane toxicity.
Anesthetics that is the most rapid in reaching the point of saturation in the blood
________ principle: anesthetic lipid solubility is proportional to anesthetic potency
inhaled anesthetic that will put half of the people under general anesthesia
MAC relates to _______. Methoxyflurane MAC = 0.16 and Nitrous Oxide MAC is greater than 100%.
_______:may cause ventricular arrhythmias, because it sensitizes to catecholamines, sympathomimetics (pheochromocytoma)
not sufficiently potent by itself, therefore commonly used in combination (additive effects) with another inhaled or intravenous anesthetic.
Produces dissociative anesthetic: catatonia, amnesia, profound analgesia without loss of consciousness. Blocks glutamate effects at NMDA Rs
Dose can expressed in multiples of ______.
Increase or Decrease: MAC in the elderly and with adjunctive therapies such as opiods and sedatives.
All inhaled anesthetics are respiratory _______ except for nitrous oxide.
Burst suppression on EEG can be caused by ________.
Malignant Hyperthemia can be treated with what drug.
Prolonged exposure to Nitrous Oxide causes ________ anemia.
Used for pediatric and outpatient anesthesia .
short applications only because of nephrotoxicity (obstetrics)
Anesthetic that potentiates muscle relaxant effect of pancuronium
Advantage: Minimal CV and Resp. depressant effects (patients with hypotension or risk for MI)
Only anesthetic producing routine cardiovascular stimulation by exciting the central sympathetic nerves, possibly by inhibiting NE reuptake (NE increases in plasma) Moderately rapid onset and recovery
Part of balanced anesthesia and conscious sedation, CV stability, amnesia Slow onset and recovery, flumazenil reversal
Standard induction agent; CV depression, avoid in porphyrias Rapid onset and rapid recovery (bolus dose)—slow recovery following infusion
Used for both induction and maintenance, hypotension, has antiemetic action Rapid onset and rapid recovery
Opioid used in balanced anesthesia and conscious sedation; produces marked analgesia Slow onset and recovery, naloxone reversal available (part of balanced anesthesia)
________ Anesthesia: Combinations of IV and inhaled anesthetics are used to reduce dose and toxicity
Only benzodiazepine that is water-soluble, becomes lipid-soluble at physiological pH.
Analgesic drug class that causes no circulatory deterioration.

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