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Without adding a drug, ________ influences dominate vascular tone.
This eye muscle controls accomodation and regulates aqueous humor outflow.
This neurotransmitter is utilized by both parasympathetic and sympathetic ganglionic neurons.
Norepinephrine binds to B1 receptors to _______ cardiac force and rate.
Fast or Slow: Neurotransmitter
Viagra prevents the breakdown of ______ for smooth muscle relaxation and results in an erection.
Fast or Slow: Hormones
Acetylcholine binds to nicotinic and _______ receptors.
Parasympathetic Efferent pathway has ______ receptor on the post-synaptic neuron.
When norepinephrine is given exogenously, it is a potent __________ via activation of a1 receptors.
Somatic motor neuron releases Acetylcholine which binds to ________ receptors on skeletal muscles and cause an influx of Na+
An example of hormonal feedback to a drop in BP is renin release, causing an increase in ___________ resulting in increase in sodium and increase in water volume in the body.
Hyperkalemia can be treated with ______receptor agonist.
Increase or Decrease in BP: Baroreceptor mediated feedback control with B1 activation to increase HR and contractile force, a1 activation for vasoconstriction, and B1 activation fo
Receptors located on pre-synaptic neuron and activated by the same transmitter released by itself.
Mydriasis opens pupils through radial muscle contraction by activating this receptor.
More calcium in the neuron = more _______ release
Miosis closes the pupils through the contraction of this eye muscle.
In smooth muscle contraction, Norepinephrine binds to _____ receptors.
Acetylcholine binds to M2 receptors to ________ cardiac force and rate.
Downregulation leads to _________. This is due to chronic agonist pressure on receptors and leads to loss of response over time.
In smooth muscle relaxation, Ach binds to ______ receptors on endothelial cells produce and release NO. This activates Gc and cause an increase in cGMP to facilitate dephosphorylat
This process is used to maintain instant control of blood pressure during exercise and postural changes.
A heart transplant patient given NE will have increased BP and heart rate because the ______ to the heart has been cut and there is no reflex.
Vasodilators are given to angina patients with ____ blockers to prevent reflex in heart rate.
Epinephrine binds to _____ receptors on skeletal muscle to activate Gs, produce cAMP and PKA, which results into an increase in sodium pump activity.
In a patient with heart failure, heart rate and contractile force is increased by giving epinephrine in combination with a _______ antagonist to avoid a compensatory reflex.
Upregulation leads to super-_________. This is produced via the absence of NT signal.
This neurotransmitter mediates parasympathetic effects on organs (M-r) and mediates both parasympathetic and sympathetic effects on secretion (M-r) and Epi and NE release from adre
In smooth muscle relaxation, NE binds to ______ receptors activates Gs and produce PKA which inactivates MLCK.

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