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QUIZ: Can you name the Gayer Asthma and Anti-Histamines ?

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1st Generation H1 blocker used for motion sickness
5-Lipoxygenase inhibitor to decrease Leukotriene production.
Used for allergic rhinoconjuctivitis and urticaria
Side effects of Aminophylline (methylxanthine)
Drugs used for moderate persistent asthma in combination with steroid
Most effective medication for relief of acute bronchospasm.
Systemic use: very persistent asthma uncontrolled by ICS and LABA or for emergent severe asthma.
Most common chronic disabling disease of childhood and one of the most common chronic conditions in the US
1st Gen H1 blocker that has +++ anti-cholinergic and sedation effects. It is also an antiemetic
Muscarinic receptor antagonist. Blocks parasympathetic bronchoconstriction and mucus release.
Causes bone mineral density decrease in women as an adverse effect.
Alters chloride channel function reducing mast cell degranulation and nerve conduction in lungs mediating cough. Prophylactic only
Most effective long-term control therapy for persistent asthma. Use in combination with LABA.
Second line asthma therapy. Toxicities include tachycardia, arrhythmia, and angina pectoris.
Bronchoconstriction, Edema, and _______ thickening are part of the early pathogenesis of Asthma.
Eosinophil infiltration and _______ are part of the late pathogenesis of Asthma.
Lowers IgE to undetectable levels, inhibit the binding of IgE to mast cells.
Name a differential for Adult Dyspnea.
LTD4 receptor antagonist (prevents leukotriene induced bronchoconstriction)
1 to ___ micometers is the most effective size for delivery of asthma medications.
Name a differential for COUGH.
Used for mild to moderate asthma if poor control with Beta agonist and steroid combination. PDE inhibitor and increases sympathetic effects.
Name a differential for Pediatric Dyspnea.

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