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Can you name the Foy Bronchiolitis and Pneumonia in Pediatric Population ?

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Viral or Bacterial: High fever, toxic and ill appearing
A CXR which demonstrates infiltrates or space occupying lesions consistent with infiltrates or atelectasis.
Name a DDx for Bronchiolitis.
Drug used for prevention of RSV in high risk infants. Premature 29-32wks, less than 6mo in the beginning of RSV season. $1000 per injection or more.
Rales on auscultation, usually in the context of fever and cough, often bacterial if associated with high fever and toxicity, often viral if associated with URI symptoms.
Viral or Bacterial: CXR is Lobar/segmental
Viral or Bacterial: Low-grade fever and lack of toxicity
Name a hospitalization criteria for Pneumonia. Failure to respond to outpatient treatment, pleural effusion, pneumatocele (cavity in the lungs), abscess, immunosuppression
Name a hospitalization criteria for RSV. History of prior need for intubation with wheezing, Recent history of apnea or cyanosis, toxicity, dehydration, less than 2 months old and appears ill, poor social situation
Viral or Bacterial: Abrupt onset and none to mild URI symptoms
______ pneumonia is spread to neonate by vaginal secretions. 12% of pregnant women infected. Causes 75% of afebrile pneumonias in infants.
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Clinical findings in _____: Coryza, rhinitis, 101-102 fever for 3-4 days. 40% of infants progress to bronchiolitis, pneumonitis, or pneumonia.
Viral or Bacterial: CBC - high WBC with Left shift
Most common bacterial cause of pneumonia in neonates.
Name a prevention method for RSV in the hospital.
Viral or Bacterial: Gradual onset and prominent URI symptoms.
Name a common Clinical finding for diagnosis of RSV.
Name a Diagnostic modality for Pneumonia.
RSV is a definite risk factor for ______.
Viral or Bacterial: CBC is normal-low WBC with Right shift
Name an etiology of pneumonia in children. Wilms tumor is the most common pediatric renal malignancy, commonly metastasizes to the lungs
Viral or Bacterial: CXR is streaky/patchy

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