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Defective Rathke's pouch formation and absent anterior lobe.
The most common cause of Cushing's disease is _______.
Use of glucocorticoids is contraindicated in any active infection especially ___________
Decreased blood glucose, fasting, somatostatin, alpha adrenergic activity, leptin _______ insulin secretion
Insulin secretion is stimulated by an increase in glucose, free fatty acids, and ______
Majority of hormones are _________.
In the liver, insulin depresses the rate of _______
Blocks 11B-hydroxylase.
Oxytocin and ADH are produced in the paraventricular and _____ nucleus.
Isolated aldosterone deficiency with low renin
______ Syndrome: Pituitary adenoma, Pancreatic islet cell tumors (Zollinger-Ellison), and Parathyroid disease Chromosome 11q13 mutation.
_____ body is an axon terminal containing Oxytocin and ADH in the posterior pituitary.
Hormone that contracts myoepithelial cells in breast alveoli to eject milk. Has a role in labor.
______ syndrome: defect in Na channel. High Na mimics hyperaldosteronism.
Drug used to treat pheochromocytoma and causes irreversible long-duration blockade of alpha receptor.
_______ cyst are found in the Pars intermedia.
TART changes for adrenals are at the level of which thoracic segments?
________ Syndrome: Pituitary adenoma discovered years after bilateral adrenalectomy for Cushing's syndrome. Skin hyperpigmentation.
Increase in potassium and ________ results in very potent increase in aldosterone.
Growth hormone secreting adenoma after the closure of the epiphyseal growth plates
Normal blood glucose is ______mg/dl in the fasting person and 120-140mg/dl during the first hour after a meal.
Delta cells in the Islet of Langerhans secrete _______
Glucocorticoid receptor antagonist.
Name an early symptom of Addison's disease
Insulin is co-secreted with peptide ______
Parafollicular cells produce _____ to keep Calcium in the bone.
Cortisol stimulates __________
Majority of Prolactinomas are ________.
Pars nervosa is part of the _______ pituitary.
Anterior Chapman's points for adrenals are 5-7cm above and ______ cm lateral to the umbilicus
Cortisol inhibits ______ release and inhibits hypothalamus.
Name a symptom of Panhypopituitarism (Sheehan's syndrome)
Chief cells of Parathyroid gland make ________ and release Calcium to the vasculature.
Excess aldosterone results in hypertension, hypokalemia, and mild ________.
Name a hormone that is an aminoacid derivative.
Benign cystic tumor from Rathke's pouch remnants. 50% occurs in children and lead to pituitary hormone deficiencies.
Absent posterior lobe of the pituitary
Name a steroid hormone.
Lab test for Addison's disease includes adrenal stimulation test with _______
Blocks the synthesis of pregnenolone
Primary adrenal neoplasms are ACTH _____
______ syndrome: Secondary cause of Aldosteronism such as hyperreninemia, accelerated HTN and edema syndromes.
Secondary adrenocortical insufficiency has no ________
_______ disease: Primary adrenal insufficiency.
Pars distalis is part of the _____ pituitary.
Extreme ketosis can cause _______
Much higher concentrations of ________ constrict arterioles.
Posterior Chapman's points for the adrenals are in the intertransverse spaces between ____ and T12
Addison's Disease is an adrenal insufficiency which results in tendency to ________
Brain sand in the pineal gland
Sulfonylurea drugs (glyburide, tolbutamide) ______ insulin secretion
______ disease: ACTH secreting adenoma
Chromaffin cell neoplasia. 10% tumor. Diagnosis is based on increased levels of urinary free catecholamines.
Growth Hormone is also known as _______

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