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The action of PTH at the kidney level is that it enhances ______ reabsorption
Most of the action of GH are mediated by _______
A frequent effect of excess thyroid hormones is intolerance to ______
Insulin increases Glut IV transporters in muscle and _______ cells
Metformin curtails hepatic glucose _______
Follicular carcinoma of the thyroid is the ______ most common thyroid malignancy
There is more protein-bound ________ than T3 in the circulation
Cortisol promotes gluconeogenesis and _______
The action of insulin on lipid metabolism is inhibiting __________
Oxytocin is synthesized by neurons in the _______
When insulin levels are high after a meal, liver glycolysis and _______ are activated
ADH is secreted in the ______ circulation
Name a hormone secreted by the thyroid gland.
Glucocorticoids promote amino acid release from _______
Thyroid hormones __________ circulating fatty acids.
A patient comes with a thyroid nodule. The first thing to do is measure ______
Incretins _____ insulin release responding to signals from the gut
High concentrations of _________ have conspicuous melanotrophic effects.
Total serum calcium reported by the laboratory: only about ____% is ionized
______ acts like GLP-1
Thyroid hormones are critical for ______ and development
Acarbose ______ alpha glucosidase
Glycosuria occurs when blood sugar is higher than _____mg/dl
________is the hormone secreted by the majority of the cells in the fasciculata layer of the adrenal cortex.
The high capacity glucose transporter enhanced by insulin action after a glucose load (postprandial) is Glut _____
Ketonuria in diabetic ketoacidosis contributes to loss of sodium and ______
Pioglitazone is a thiazolidinedione, an insulin _______
Diabetic ketoacidosis produce a metabolic acidosis with a high ______ _______
Most thyroid nodules are _____
Most steroid hormones need plasma protein ______
Diabetic ketoacidosis requires a close monitoring of serum potassium, pH, and _______
______ favors neutrophil demargination from endothelial cells.
GH is at its highest concentration during ______
The major mechanism of action of Sulfonylureas is increasing ______ output
The high capacity glucose transporter used by the liver and the islet beta cell is Glut _____
In Posterior hypophysis, ADH is co-secreted with _____
Insulin secretion by the beta cell is mediated by closing of a ______ channel.
DDP-4 inhibitors inhibit ______ catabolism

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